The Best Canadian Gambling Websites

Today the internet is full of different gambling website, it doesnt matter if you're looking for onlinecasinos, sportsbetting or poker. But which ones can you rely on? Lets find out!

Top 10 Gambling Websites 2022

According to our tests, player satisfaction and reviews these are the top 10 casinos, betting & poker brands for 2022 that you definitly should check out. They’re ordered in the way we rank them. If you’d like to see the best ones available please see our casino, betting or pokersite rankings - we have them all listed below.

Best websites for safe and fun online gambling

Whenever you embark on the enticing journey of spinning virtual reels or placing bets on roulette, or just feel like you know how a match between two grand teams is going to end, you often find yourself wondering if the website you are about to commit to by signing up is worthy.

These days there is no telling which of the many online gambling sites are worth a visit and which ones are best to stay away from. Many learn from their own personal experience, which isn’t always as safe and enjoyable as they initially hope. As any other player or just someone that likes to place a bet on sports every now and then, you would be right to do some digging before signing up - or simply trust a reliable source, getting all the information you need and making an informed decision.

Casino100 is just that kind of source, as we are there to eliminate any of the risk or uncertainty from the equation. It's you and your expectations vs. hundreds of online sites waiting for your visit - we make sure you only get to the best ones, with lucrative offers, generous promotions and that something special that makes your experience unique. With our help you can always keep abreast of all the recent changes in the gambling industry, which include but are not limited to new exciting casinos and sportsbooks, as well as their promotions and special bonuses.

Casino100: your reliable guide to best gambling

If you let Casino100 be your guide in the world of online gambling, there is no limit to all the bonuses you can claim and all the promotions you can take advantage of, as there is always going to be some enticing offer that you will not be able to pass up. Surely enough, what we do is not unique per se - you will probably find at least a dozen of websites like ours doing the same (providing information on online casinos, sportsbooks, their promotions, etc). But this is when it all comes down to "how" instead of just "what".

The information we offer is not just based on a quick glance and the facts the website offers in the "About us" section. Hours of research and personal experience precede every review, as this is the only way we believe things must be done for our service to present any worth to you at all. There is a team of gambling experts working their way through the hardships of testing new casinos and sportsbooks every single day to the end of delivering you the kind of reviews where you find everything to make a decision that you will never come to regret.

Our thorough research allows us to ensure your safety whenever you visit, make payments, request withdrawals or just enjoy the games (or the choice of events to bet on, if we are talking about a sportsbook) without having to worry about anything. Our experts keep themselves educated about the intricacies of gaming regulations, bringing you the most recent news whenever those become available and updating the information provided to make sure you always have access to relevant information.

How we make sure you get the best sites to choose from

Reliability of the information we offer is crucial for building trust. Without your trust in the information contained in the reviews and conclusions made by our experts we are going nowhere, which is why Casino100 is determined to keep it clean, useful and truthful. But what is it exactly we do when checking out a site to be reviewed for you?

Surely, tastes of players out there are as different as tastes are supposed to be. Some are after making lucky guesses, while others need the best odds in the industry, some like their promotions and can't wait to get their hands on a special bonus, while others just want to be left alone and test their luck without having to wager any newly claimed bonuses. And yet all players and all bettors out there have one thing in common - they all want to sign up with and keep coming back to a secure and user-friendly website that will take care of their needs as customers.

So we start by checking the site's proper licenses and security mechanisms in place, see if they offer a mobile app to use on the go and how good their customer service is. We sign up, go through verification if necessary and run all the other check-ups required for establishing the trustworthiness of a given website. We also make sure to check out the payment methods offered, discover any fees you are charged, reading all the fine prints and all the terms for bonuses and promotions (and there is a lot of that stuff to go through if you get serious about it). Once our checking is done, we deliver a full review, which basically is a report on what to expect when signing up with a certain gambling site.

A sportsbook or an online casino

Online gambling is a term that includes so many things you can do online (all of them potentially highly lucrative and hence so alluring to many). You can play video slots or live dealer games at an online casino, bet on outcomes of major sporting events, enjoy a game of poker or even participate in a lottery - all without leaving home and going anywhere. Quite often, a single brand will include a sportsbook and a casino, and sometimes even a poker room - so you will find all your passions in the same place. However, if you prefer a specialized casino or a sportsbook, or a poker room with thousands of real players from around the world to play against - this can also be found no problem.

Sportsbooks come in all sizes and with a great variety of events to bet on. There are some that offer better odds for popular sports and others where you can get an incredible chance to make money on an accumulator bet made up of events no one cares about. Sportsbooks also like to keep their bettors happy by offering loyalty programs, special bonuses and weekly promotions that help you boost your budget - which ultimately will lead to making a killing.

As for casino, the choice if even greater. There are many casinos with over 2,500 games to play - and you can bet on there being all the most recent video slots with astounding features and moneymaking promotions. In line with the current trend, there is also bound to be a live dealer section with excitement bursting through the roof due to the real feel of everything going on and the wins being as exciting as if you were physically sitting at the table.

Stand-alone poker cardrooms are still alive and well, but more often than not you can play poker at an online casinos. However, if you are a huge fan of specialized websites that offer this kind of sophisticated and challenging gambling pleasure, there will be a choice to look at, thanks to the hard work of our gambling experts working diligently to make it easier on you.

Playing on the go made easier

Canadian players, like players from pretty much any other country of the world, are favoring mobile gaming more than ever before. This is easy to explain - special apps available for downloading straight from gambling websites often give you the convenience of enjoying your favorite games without having access to a PC or laptop, which is a great thing. In our reviews we make sure to point out which casinos have special apps, which ones have an adaptive interface for mobile gaming and which ones are still lagging behind, which might become your cue to cast them aside during your selection process.

The freedom an app gives you, especially when it comes to betting on sports, is something you will be sure to appreciate. Making a bet on a certain event you are following live at a bar given the changed dynamics, within juts seconds? Nothing could be easier!

Things to look out for when choosing a gambling site

No matter if you play poker, like to try new slots by a certain provider or are experiencing a bout of serendipity and would like to act on it by betting on some sports, you will get access to a whole lot of reviews on various websites offering those options to you, and beyond. They are all different, but there are things you always need to keep in mind - and we will make sure to point them out in our reviews to make your choice easier.

Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions

Every casino and every sportsbook out there has a welcome bonus of some kind. And if this is something you are interested in, it makes sense to decide from the beginning whether you will be depositing the maximum amount to claim the maximum bonus or will just settle for a smaller bonus.

It’s also very important to know the full terms of the bonus - and very often these take forever to read, as you have to study both bonus terms and the casino's Terms to discover all the intricacies of claiming and clearing the cash and free spins being offered (or just cash, if we are talking about betting on sports). With us doing our research in full, you will only need to analyze the information provided and decide whether the terms and the amounts are acceptable for you. Also do keep in mind new casinos and other gambling locations emerge every now and then, so if you feel like you could be getting more, feel free to check out the newcomers of the industry to see what they can offer.

Security and payment methods

Security is the one thing everyone agrees on - there should be a proper license and proper measures in place to guarantee every visitor's peace of mind and safety. It's even more important when you are making a payment, passing your data through the website's channels, so checking for the relevant certificates and technologies used for encryption is of paramount importance.

Payment options available at gambling websites go hand in hand with the issue of security. You need payment methods that are secure, friendly to Canadian players (and the good news many of them do offer quite a few popular methods that visitors from Canada will be sure to appreciate), get processed fast enough and preferably come with no commission fees.

These two aspects are paid special attention in our reviews, so you can rest assured none of the crucial details will escape your attention.

Casino and sportsbook comparison

Casino100 is all-in when it comes to ensuring smooth and enjoyable gambling experience to its visitors. Our reviews are honest and based on personal experience, rather than generic and superficial. However, whenever you find yourself strapped for time, yet eager to find a proper place to make a deposit with and enjoy your favorite games or sports to bet on, you can just check out our top websites, compared and rated for your convenience. No time to check with the facts? Pick from the top rated gambling establishments and be sure you won't leave disappointed.

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