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Best Online Casinos in Canada 2022

Are you looking for the best casino online in Canada? Here at Casino100 you will find the most popular casinos in a toplist, see current bonuses and more!

A great Canadian online casino awaits

There are hundreds online casinos out there - no one is really keeping the track anymore. And there you are, browsing the internet intent on finding just the right kind of online casino to join. Even though this process is essentially supposed to take less time and be easy, the mere number of online gambling establishments complicates things quite a bit. Who could imagine only a decade ago every player will have at least a few dozen prospective casinos to choose between, with various themes, a provider list well over 30 names and thousands of slots to play? That would have been pretty difficult to imagine, and yet there we are, racking our brain and trying to decide what's more important - quick payouts or more slot games offered.

Well, there is no need to torture yourself over this tough choice anymore, because Casino100 has an answer to all your prayers, said and yet unspoken. We are the kind of place people come for information - and information they get, often even more they were hoping for. Want to try locating just the right Canadian casino to join? Nothing could be easier!

Online casinos: why the choice is so tough

If you ever looked around trying to figure out which of the casinos trying to get you to sign up are truly the best, you are well aware there are a lot of them. Surprisingly, each one seems to think it's the best one and just what you need, but that would simply be impossible. After all, players all have different expectations and needs, and while there are plenty of awesome award-winning casinos out there that will put any land-based gambling establishment to shame with the mere choice of options, not all of them are equally perfect for you. This is a fact that cannot be argued with - and yet you always read this casino is best and that one is simply perfect, which ultimately makes you lose faith in ever being able to get just the right kind.

Players that care little about there to play aside, you do want to make sure your private information is kept private and your payments are processed securely, while the promotions you are exposed to are run fairly and pay out if you put in the effort needed. In many cases, however, you won't know it until you’ve done it. Are you prepared to try, say, ten different casinos only to realize the first one was actually better than the nine others you deposited with? With us, you no longer have to weigh those options against each other - picking has been made easy.

How Casino100 makes it easy to find the perfect Canadian casino

Casino100 is in the business of advising people where to go if they need something uniquely good and fresh. It's not easy to make judgments like those on a whim - a lot of serious work is required to shape up an opinion about each of the casinos reviewed, because there are countless facts that go into that evaluation, as well as subjective personal experience, which also has a certain undeniable value.

To make sure all our Canadian customers have a good casino to visit, we focus on key things - like security, available choices, service, how quickly payment are processed etc. We also make sure to check for Canadian dollar available - that does make things a lot more relaxing and enjoyable, not having to think about all the conversions. Some casinos are international, others are specifically Canadian casinos aimed at customers from this specific country. And while this might be a great option, we recommend taking your time and giving international online casinos a chance - as they come with a lot of experience and deep understanding of what their customers want, making them a worthy option to consider when picking between a few different gambling establishments.

So take a minute to think which things matter the most to you - is it the jurisdiction of the casino, the type of license held, the payment methods, the choice of casino games or live dealer games, or something different altogether? Maybe you need the best combination of all that, which should still be possible to find, as we keep ourselves very busy scouring the internet, searching for new amazing casinos to review and recommend. Let's have a look at the many other options we take into account when compiling our reviews of online casinos and creating our rating for you to choose the finest site to join.

Online casino promotions and rewards

Out of the three types of gambling establishments there are, online casinos tend to rely the heaviest on bonuses and promotions. You will always be offered a welcome package of some kind, which will include a cash bonus and free spins.

The cash bonus is usually based on how much you deposit - and while some will offer half of your deposit, others will give you a matching number, effectively doubling up the amount you deposited. The free spins are usually a nice extra on top, typically provided with a certain wagering requirement. You have to wager both the free spins and the cash a certain number of times - the exact number is what will make a certain casino more or less appealing for you, as the more you wager - the less likely you are to clear the entire amount claimed or won at some point, with the free spins or the cash used.

Apart from the welcome bonus, there are also regular (weekly) promotions going on, in which you are expected to make a deposit on a certain day, or play specific slots, or any of them, or play live dealer games - the possibilities are countless, but it all comes down to earning points and either beating other players on the leaderboard or, for instance, getting lucky and winning something in a special lottery run by the casino. There is one thing in common between all the promotions - you can win real money, but you also need to play for real money, rather than for fun.

Choice of casino slots and live dealer section

Different players from Canada put the value of variety higher or lower based on their individual expectations. Some think having a rich choice of games to play and providers supplying new titles is crucial, as that way you can go from game to game and always find something special to enjoy for every kind of mood you might be in. Others just have a handful of favorite slots or casino games (like poker, roulette, baccarat etc) and don't care how many other games there are, as long as they get their withdrawals processed quickly and can count on the casino running a tight ship in terms of security.

From our reviews you will be sure to find out all the relevant information and see which one is the most fitting, although, to be fair, most of the popular online casinos these days will come with hundreds of various slots and a very rich live dealer section. It's still nice to know in advance which providers you will find there, especially if you are looking for a specific one, as well as whether, for instance, you will get a chance to play live baccarat or see the wheel spin in the classic casino game that's so simple and yet so thrilling.

Payment methods and payout speed

How you can make a deposit and whether your withdrawal request will turn into real money on your account - these are very important aspects that always make it to the reviews written about the casinos we examine for you. As a Canadian player, you might be interested primarily in debit and credited cards for depositing, bank transfer for withdrawals and possibly other popular options like PayPal for example. The payment methods offered by the casinos reviewed are numerous and varied, so you will always have a choice, but there is more to this issue. For instance, some casinos might charge you for a deposit or withdrawal - it might be a very small percentage, but maybe you'd rather go with an online casino that would not dip into your pocket before you even start to play. Others might charge a fee upon withdrawal - which might be another unpleasant surprise. You should also be aware of some online casinos taking forever to process your withdrawals, which is something you can only know if you go through the process yourself.

Casino100 experts actually do it for you to make sure any experience we share with you is the personal kind. We bear is so you don't have to, delivering the results of our research and personal experience in form of detailed reviews and short summaries that you can skim if you need to get all the facts straight in less than thirty seconds.

Why you can rely on Casino100 top list

We are intent on making it easy for you to choose an online casino no matter what you have in mind. For your convenience, we also have subsections that offer New Casinos, as some players like to try newly opened casinos for the sake of exciting bonuses and opportunities those can offer. We aim to add a lot more casinos to the list to make your choice somewhat more difficult. However, regardless of which one you choose, you can count on our thorough rating system that allows quickly picking the finest Canadian casino to play at, the kind that will offer all the payment methods you prefer and the level of security you expect. Trusting the list of top rated casinos means getting to a casino with a generous sign-up bonus and excellent choice of games sooner rather than later, while not having to do any of the research of your own.