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The Best Betting Websites in Canada 2022

If you want to place a bet on some sport or anything else, you can find the top rated betting sites in Canada here!

A Betting site: choosing one wisely

Online betting in Canada (or pretty much anywhere else in the world) involves placing a certain amount of money on some events that you believe will end in a certain way. You make a prediction based on your gut feeling or after carefully analyzing the chances of a certain outcome happening or not happening, betting money that can bring you more money in case you happen to be correct. If your bet does not pan out, you lose the money bet, and since this is a less than desirable outcome, naturally, sports betting is seen as a very intricate matter that takes a lot more analyzing and experience than playing at an online casino. While things are totally random when playing slots for instance, all thanks to the random number generator, betting on sports or other events available at the sportsbook of your choosing is commonly based on knowledge of certain facts and statistical data, which often point to a higher chance of the outcome you are betting on.

Even though you might not be betting on purely sports, rather than political events, weather and such, companies taking such bets are called sportsbooks or bookmakers. The range of events they accept your bets on are as wide as one could imagine, including a great variety outcomes to bet on and odds ranging from minimal to quite sensational. It's important to choose a proper sportsbook from the very beginning for a number of reasons:

  • ✅ Better odds make your bets more lucrative, therefore, it makes sense to locate the kind of company that offers good odds with fair payouts.
  • ✅ It's important to get a reputable sportsbook that you know will uphold its obligations and ensure a secure and fair betting environment at all times, as well as keep your data safe.
  • ✅ In most cases you need to get verified to the end of having your payment requests processed. It makes sense to get verified once and stick to that sportsbook instead of having to do it every time on a new website.
  • ✅ Sportsbooks are known to run promotions and often have loyalty programs that result in you getting an occasional bonus for making deposits, placing bets etc. It pays off to place your bets with a single bookmaker to make your deposits and your betting activity count.

What to look for when comparing sports betting sites

It might seem pretty straightforward to you when walking the steps for the first time - a good sporting bets site offers good odds, that's all there is to it. But don't be in a hurry to jump to conclusions, as any company accepting your bets must have a good reputation and an impeccable track record, among other things. As you realize things are not as simple as they seem, which might come to surface after the first few minutes of searching and comparing, you will probably come to a realization there are quite a few factors in play. Those factors make any sportsbook out there excellent, horrible or dangling somewhere in the middle.

So what's a great sportsbook like? It's one with a serious license, a solid reputation and a good track record, as it was mentioned above. There will also be a great number of sports and events covered, with a nice variety of betting options, and not just for football and tennis, for instance, but also other sports as well. The odds must be competitive (not always the best, because otherwise everyone would be betting with one and the same bookmaker). Quality customer service and speed of payouts are two other things that you should be looking for, as you don't want to get stuck waiting for your payment to be made due to some false pretenses, which is often the issue with sportsbooks one would be wise to stay away from.

As you can already tell, there are a lot of factors to consider and analyze, but don't make the mistake of considering that time wasted. What you are investing as time will be justified in the long run when you can place safe bets with great odds with the kind of company that can be completely trusted.

Aspects we take into account

When it comes to online sports betting, there are a lot of things to study before getting down to actually trying it for ourselves, which is an important component of our process that allows our company to provide you with the list of the finest betting companies out here. Checking what a certain website has to offer is crucial to see if this one is worthy of your time and attention, so we look at the following:

  • ✅ Jurisdiction and license
  • ✅ Sports and events covered
  • ✅ Betting options , odds and lines
  • ✅ Deposit and withdrawal methods, commissions if any
  • ✅ Promotions and reward system
  • ✅ Other features

Let's have a closer look at some of those below.

Jurisdiction and fair practices

Sports betting in Canada comes with the added responsibility of placing bets with a company that's responsible and reliable. The issue of safety always matters, which is why it's important to go for a sportsbook with a trusted and reputable license, operating in the kind of jurisdiction that demands strict compliance with the highest international standards.

Choice of events and odds

Betting markets are crucial when it comes to sports betting - their variety indicates how serious a certain sportsbook is, no doubt. Not only mainstream sports events should be covered of course, but also other events in the world of sports, as well as politics and other areas. After all, if you suddenly get interested in a specific kind of new sport, you don't want to start looking for a new sportsbook to join.

Possibility to place varied wagers is one of the key aspects to focus on, as you don't want to be limited in any way in your choice, which might ultimately curb the winning potential of the bets you make. A perfect sportsbook will be sure to offer a wide selection of betting options, and you will always have plenty of choice. As for the odds offered, even though you should not expect a good and popular sportsbook to necessarily always offer you best odds compared to every other one, they will come up with very lucrative odds most of the time, and it takes quite some studying to identify such places for you to visit.

Payment processing at sportsbooks

When making a deposit of requesting a withdrawal, you need to know what you are in for. For instance, you need to be prepared for small fees charged in either situation, although it's not uncommon to find sportsbooks that charge nothing and happen to have very sparing depositing and withdrawing minimums.

Promotions available

Even though numerous and various promotions tend to be something more typical of casinos rather than most sportsbooks, it's great luck to encounter a sportsbook that brings you opportunities of growing your bankroll by participating in a loyalty program, getting deposit related bonuses and placing particularly successful bets. We study the offers available to make sure you get the best deals, all factors combined.

How Casino100 saves your time

Casino100 has a process that's strictly followed when evaluating each of the sportsbooks featured in our rating. We conduct a meaningful research to give you the most up to date information not based on something we see written rather than our own experience. Our purpose is to shape up an opinion that we can later share with you, staying as objective and unbiased as possible.

Following initial research, we get down to doing the things you cannot learn by simply paging through or studying the feedback of other users. Our extensive testing helps us get the answers to all the questions one might wonder about as someone intending to place a bet. We want to know the following:

  • - how easy it is to sign up and which verification process is in place.
  • - how easy and quick depositing is using various methods offered.
  • - how wagering works and whether they make it easy for you to quickly place a bet when needed (crucial for live betting).
  • - how quickly you can expect a winning wager to be settled and whether you will have any trouble withdrawing your winnings.
  • - how responsive and helpful support service is when it comes to handling various issues.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn and test, and the goal is to correctly and thoroughly assess user experience in order to serve you with unbiased and confident recommendations. If you choose to do that all by yourself - we commend your dedication, but should you need some help deciding based on facts and personal experience, we are there to help.