The Best South African Gambling Websites

Today the internet is full of different gambling website, it doesnt matter if you're looking for onlinecasinos, sportsbetting or poker. But which ones can you rely on? Lets find out!

Top 10 Gambling Websites 2022

According to our tests, player satisfaction and reviews these are the top 10 casinos, betting & poker brands for 2022 that you definitly should check out. They’re ordered in the way we rank them. If you’d like to see the best ones available please see our casino, betting or pokersite rankings - we have them all listed below.

Do you know the best places to gamble?

Casino100 is a special website where gambling sites get compared and rated based on how user-friendly, generous and secure they are. Of course, there are a lot of other aspects that are interesting to players from South Africa. Our aim is to give you the latest news in the industry, the finest promo offers available from numerous casinos and sportsbooks, as well as total confidence about your choice of the gambling site being the right one.

Earning your trust takes time, but we are ready to make our best effort and do it in record time. On our side is a team of experts involved in daily research and feeling confident about the information we deliver to you in form of reviews, ratings and recommendations. We keep ourselves educated about the industry's standards and recent changes, keeping our content up-to-date and useful to you as a player. You no longer have to worry about finding the right online casino, sportsbook or poker room to play at, as those comprehensive reviews in-depth reviews are there to help you make an informed decision that you won't come to regret.

Casino100 is prepared to give you all the relevant information on the best casinos and sportsbooks around. Whether some are better than others is up to you to decide. We do make the ratings based on the data gathered, but we also allow you to make conclusions of your own by writing reviews that tell you all you might ever need to know. It's as simple as that - you find a casino, read the review, see where it is in the rating and make a choice.

What makes us different

As someone with probably quite some experience browsing the internet looking for the things you need, whether that might be shopping, locating a new fun websites or doing research, you know that everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. It surely applies to reviews - especially those found online and served up to you pretty much anywhere you go. All the reviewers claim to have the intimate knowledge of the gambling sites being reviewed while having no interest in whether you go there or not. While this is only partly true, let's see what sets our website apart from many others you may have come across before.

Casino100 is all about building trust and delivering quality knowledge to its visitors. There is no need for us to lie, because there are plenty of great casinos you could be exploring - and we do our homework, studying all their aspects just to give you the information you want. You can either get it all by reading the full review, get just the basic facts by checking those out at the beginning of every review, or trust our rating and pick the highest rated casino that welcomes South African players with open arms.

Our methods make us unique, and it's won't take you long to see that for yourself. While most websites involved in writing reviews are basing their content on something they are fed by the actual casinos or something they find on the internet, unwilling to bother themselves with doing any checking, we treat this process seriously. Our gambling experts are well aware of all the aspects that matter to our customers, working their way through megabytes of data to let you see just the stuff the matters. Every gambling site has a lot of aspects to study - and you can be sure you will get all your answers from our detailed and well-written reviews.

Types of gambling sites we review

Online gambling includes three main markets - there are online casinos, poker rooms and betting websites. All three have their audience, although some people prefer to get some distraction from a certain type of gambling venue by switching to another one (in which case having access to a place that offers two or even three in the same place could be great). The variety of jurisdictions is great - these gambling sites can be aimed at the population of a certain country or have an international reach, available in dozens of languages. It’s our job to determine whether this casino, sportsbook or poker room is even worthy of being reviewed and go ahead with it, giving you just the real facts that come from first-hand experience.

The things we focus on

When studying another casino or sportsbook for valuable information, which our visitors could use for making up their mind about signing up or not with this particular gambling establishment, we look at quite a few things. These include:

Let's have a closer look at those aspects just to make sure they do include everything you need to know before committing to any gambling establishment. Below you will find short explanation of what each aspect entails and its significance for you as a gambler, no matter your level and experience.

License and security

Every gambling establishment must hold a certain gaming license. Holding a proper gaming license allows casinos, for instance, to purchase software from leading manufacturers, while for all of the gaming establishments it's the only way to run a legal business and offer secure payment options that customers will be safe using. Compliance with a proper license guarantees that specific casino or sportsbook has a policy in place to prevent gambling addiction. In case it's a casino, a proper license also stands for the highest standards of transparency and quality of the games offered. Staying safe while making payments and just playing - that's something that matters a great deal, so we delve right into this to begin with.

Payments and fees

When you make a deposit, you want to know how quickly the money will come to your account and whether any fees are charged. Often these can be found if you read the fine print - and finding that fine print on a casino's website is a whole different story. You also want be offered the handiest payment options a South African player would like to see. In most cases you'd be wondering if there is credit card or bank transfer, which minimums and maximums apply and how quickly you can withdraw your winnings if you chance to score a big one. Those are crucial facts and numbers that often result in a certain gambling site rejected on the grounds of not meeting the criteria you set - so we pay a special attention to this one.

Promotions, bonuses and loyalty rewards

Even though some people aren't much into bonuses and promotions (mostly offered by casinos), everyone likes a freebie for no reason. Surely, most of the bonuses, such as cash and free spins, come with certain strings attached. For instance, you are expected to make a deposit of a certain amount to qualify, or keep playing slots to get a certain place on the leaderboard, not to mention wagering requirements. However, there are certain casinos and sportsbooks that give you stuff for free without any wagering requirements - we will make sure you know about those and can take advantage of the finest offers any moment you feel like it.

Other aspects

Finally, the largest part of our research can be categorized as other aspects, as everything depends on the type of gambling site being reviewed. Just to give you an example, betting sites are evaluated based on the odds they offer. Some might have great odds, but not too many sports to build yourself a proper accumulator bet, while others might have mediocre odds, but you will have and awesome choice of just the right sports.

When it comes to casinos, many players care a great deal about the names of providers they will be seeing. You want to have all the best slots and live dealer games, but if variety is also of importance, it might make sense to consider joining some of the up-and-coming casinos that have all the top providers plus quite a few prospective names on their roster, delivering fresh and exciting content on a regular basis.

When it comes to poker rooms, factors that matter include, for instance, the level of competition you will be up against. If you want to improve faster, it would help to join a site where beginner level players can be found, or maybe it's the other way around and you want the toughest opponents that can be found - this commands a totally different poker room in most cases.

Gambling on the go - easy and handy

Mobile gaming means possibility to place bets or play slots online without having to turn on the computer and stick around for longer than you would care to. These days doing things on the go is the latest trend - and in many cases also a necessity. Whenever you don't feel like tearing yourself away from a particularly successful game, all you need to do is consider downloading an app or just going to the website using your mobile device.

Most gambling sites these days are perfectly adapted for mobile users, allowing for smooth gaming without any issues. Very few casinos offer apps to be downloaded, as this is considered somewhat a thing of the past, but such apps do appear handy if you think about sports betting, as you can place bets in just seconds, which is crucial for live events you might be following.

The great news is, in 2022 you will have no trouble picking yourself a great gambling site that lives up to your expectations in that respect as well. It all comes down to picking the one that checks most if not all of the boxes. We always make sure to keep mobile players in mind when writing our reviews and rating the gambling sites, because without that the picture would simply not be complete.

Giving it a good read vs. skimming and going for the highest rated one

Casino100 is all about giving you the freedom of choice. We understand full well there are people that don’t like to just take someone's word for it. This is why we keep writing all those exhaustive reviews, letting our readers know what will happen if they do this or don’t do that. We also go through all the steps ourselves to make sure we know what we are writing about. If you are one of those people, you will be grateful to find all your answers reading reviews about the internet's most enjoyable, secure and classy casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms.

However, we are also aware that not everyone has the time to read (and finding the perfect poker room or betting website might take quite some reading). This is why all our South African visitors also have the choice of just viewing the ratings and picking a site that will most likely be enjoyed by just about everyone. The pages where those ratings are available also have links for reading the full reviews - just in case you feel like making double sure this is the best candidate and spending a few minutes learning about their basic policies, terms, reward system etc.

Which way works best for you? You are the only one who can decide, and we will be happy to help out whenever you feel like you need some guidance. Apart from offering our recommendations based on personal experience and simple facts learnt from all the research, we intend to keep you informed about the latest regulations and changes in the industry - especially those that might affect South African players. You would be wise to bookmark us and keep up with the recent news - in our ever-changing world, it pays off to stay on top of things and always keep your eyes peeled for a better bonus or promo offer. Welcome to Casino100!

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