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The Best Pokersites in South Africa 2022

Are you looking for the best place to play real money online poker? On our list you will find the most popular pokersites for poker games such as Texas Hold'em.

How to be happy with the poker room chosen

Poker rooms are numerous - you can go ahead and check for yourself by conducting a quick search. Each one claiming they are the best place to play poker, how do you make up your mind to join just one? Every poker player, no matter their experience and size of budget, need to make sure they are playing at a safe and trusted poker room. If you still haven't got one or are looking for a fresh one to try, you will surely need our tips that can be found below. But here is a nutshell version - after all, it does come down to a few steps:

Step 1: Think about the aspects that matter to you. These can include the following:

  • ⚈ A serious license held by the poker room that ensures honesty and transparency.
  • ⚈ A good choice of poker variations.
  • ⚈ Generous bonuses to welcome new players, as well as ongoing promotions.
  • ⚈ Commission-free withdrawals with quick processing.
  • ⚈ Payment methods you find convenient and reliable, beyond just credit cards.
  • ⚈ Helpful round the clock support by live chat or phone.

Step 2: Get a few candidates (5-10 poker rooms you will be choosing between).

Step 3: Conduct a research into each one, checking for aspects you are interested in, paying special attention to the security aspect.

Step 4: Try free poker games just to get a better feel of the poker room you are entertaining.

Step 5: Make an initial deposit and see how comfortable you are playing there.

After step 5 you will either understand this is the right place for you or realize it's best to look for some other website, as this one is not quite it. How to make the process less time confusing and more reliable? There is a way.

The difficulty of choosing a proper online poker room

There is no one poker room that will satisfy every single joining player. Instead, it would be reasonable to say every player has a poker room that will be best for them, based on a number of parameters. What they are and how important they might be to you depends on your level, expectations and country (for instance, for South Africa it's reasonable to be looking specifically at poker rooms accepting South African players and offering South African rand). Relying on the opinion of someone you know might be helpful if they see things similarly to you, but there is no telling at which point those views might differ, and there is a risk you might regret allowing yourself to be swayed by another player's personal opinion.

How our process helps you score the best poker room

Getting to a great poker room that satisfies you as a poker player is a great luck - or a logical result of you following the right advice. The top rated poker room we offer have been chosen and vetted for you to be able to start playing without having any additional doubts. Our process involves two crucial components:

1) Gathering the facts.

2) Going in for some personal experience.

How we gather the facts

No matter if it's Texas holdem you are after or some other rare poker variation, we start in the same way: by vetting the poker room to establish whether it's indeed legitimate and totally above board. It's important for us to be honest with you regarding this, as we would be nothing without our users that come back for more guaranteed secure and enjoyable experience, which is why our approval means we really went out of our way checking that poker room against all known databases.

It might not give you the bonus you were hoping for (as super generous bonuses can commonly be found among very young poker rooms still trying to make a name for themselves), but it's solid and secure. We continue by checking out all the facts available - like when it was founded, players from which countries it accepts (South African players seem to be welcome at almost if not all poker rooms), which payment options are offered and how good they are for SA players, as well as whether you can count on quick support if you need some help. After that comes stage 2 - personal experience that you cannot get by just reading and analyzing.

How we make sure what you see is indeed what you get

Before any of the poker rooms you see reviewed and rated it make it to the top, our experts entrusted with testing sign up, get verified if needed (which is another important aspect to check for) and play extensively, covering as many possible scenarios as possible. They play Texas hold em and give a few other varieties a try, replicating the behavior of an average poker player. We do that with one simple goal in sight: to give you a complete and total peace of mind and predictability whenever you join any poker table at the selected poker room.

No matter if you are playing poker for the simple fun of it, to hone your skills or to win real money, you can always rely on our process, which keeps you safe while saving the time you would otherwise have to spend going through the motions and discovering the true nature of the poker room you just chose.