The Best Gambling Websites in New Zealand

Today the internet is full of different gambling website, it doesnt matter if you're looking for onlinecasinos, sportsbetting or poker. But which ones can you rely on? Lets find out!

Top 10 Gambling Websites 2022

According to our tests, player satisfaction and reviews these are the top 10 casinos, betting & poker brands for 2022 that you definitly should check out. They’re ordered in the way we rank them. If you’d like to see the best ones available please see our casino, betting or pokersite rankings - we have them all listed below.

Casino100 - your source for reliable information on top casinos

If there ever was a good time to rely on some good source for information, it's these days. With information pouring in from all around, it might be difficult to keep track of things - especially when trying to decide which gambling site to join and where to put your money. Surely enough, every casino claims to be the best and most lucrative one, and every sportsbook declares you always find the most enticing odds. The problem is, if you choose to believe everything you hear, it will be really tough to end up choosing a good site to join. While not believing anything and digging deeper will probably take too much of your valuable time.

Casino100 offers a new approach you are bound to like. How about making your choice after all the research has already been done and made available to you in form of exhaustive reviews that cover everything you might be interested in? You might be wondering about aspects like payment methods, whether commission fees apply, which withdrawal limits are in place, how safe a certain site is and so many other things. Do we have the answer for you? You can bet on it, as we are all about efficiency and ease of choice based on everyone making an informed decision.

Say you need a sportsbook with the best odds that has all the sports you are into, including in-play betting - do you just enter all that into Google and expect a miracle to happen? Unfortunately, the good old Google has other plans for you, so instead of being taken straight to the place you want, you will most probably be spending lots of valuable minutes opening links to sites that paid to be at the top - but are not the exact thing you are looking for. The same applies to situations when you need a good poker room or an online casino with decent live games section. And if you do not have the time or the patience to follow every link from the results displayed on at least three first pages, trying to compile a table of their bonus offers, licenses and other information that might be of importance to you, there is a great option that you could go for.

Casino100 is a company that specializes in reviewing gambling sites. As you understand, this term covers a great deal of establishments offering their services to online players - there are casinos offering slots (or as New Zealanders like to call those - pokies) and live dealer games, sports betting sites and poker card rooms. Some might be a mix of two things or even include all of the above, which should not be a problem as long as you get great service. We have a team of gambling pros working on those reviews every single day. And since there are hundreds of gaming establishments out there, there is no rest - especially since new ones seem to appear more often than ever before.

We see our task in delivering you the thoroughly checked information about casinos worthy of your visit. In the process you might rule out some of the gambling sites based on your preferences and that's okay - there isn't a perfect casino or sportsbook that would fit the expectations of every single person. What you need to do comes down to comparing and deciding - and once you realize these are all trustworthy reviews based on facts and updated regularly, in sync with any updates happening on the websites being reviewed, the process of getting yourself a nice new casino to try will be taking just minutes instead of hours.

The tools we give you suffice to locate any kind of gambling establishment you might be interested in - without any worries about the safety of doing any of the research yourself. We are also open to feedback and suggestions on making our website better, more useful for you, as there always are many options, and we might be missing something. In which case we'd appreciate your input.

Playing from PC or on the go

One of the key decisions to make is whether you prefer to play from your PC/laptop or mobile. The chances are, you appreciate the mobility a smartphone gives you above everything else. Mobile gaming is a growing trend - there clearly are more and more New Zealanders that choose to make gambling a part of their busy lifestyle, having the time for it while commuting, traveling or just enjoying some time outside, instead of staring into the screen of their computer. This is where the knowledge of what every casino reviewed does about their mobile players comes in handy - and we do make sure to include that information for you to know.

We make sure to check for that because it's natural for gamblers to wanna know whether they can rely on just the computer-adapted version or be comfortable playing from a mobile device. Surprising as it may seem, not all casinos these days take proper care of their mobile players - and this is something you would like to know before you sign up, verify your profile and make your first deposit.

It goes even deeper than that though - there are excellent apps that seem to have been created by a person of genius, as well as mediocre ones that don't make you feel any different from using the PC version of the website on your smartphone. Would you like to know all about your mobile experience in advance? We are sure you do, and this is why this is an important part of our research. We check if there is an app or an adaptive version and test them out thoroughly for you.

So, whether you want to play slots on mobile to win real money and rewards or are looking to place a bet on a football match via a sportsbook app or a mobile version that adapts to the type of mobile device being used, we make sure to test it from different devices just to give you a proper idea. We have a separate list of betting apps as well - that way you can just go for the option that allows you to bet on the go without experiencing any issues, ever.

Types of online gambling sites covered by sites reviewed

Online gambling is a term that covers a great variety of games and sports - and there are three groups into which you can break them into. There are online casinos with the great variety of games, including exciting live dealer games that give you the feeling of actually being on one, sportsbooks, which lately also take your bets on events beyond those in the world of sports (you can even bet on certain events in the life of celebrities) and of course the good old poker rooms, some of them still keeping to the purist side and being designed for playing poker - which makes them only that much more attractive to players looking for one of a kind experience.

Casinos (pokies, live dealer games and beyond)

What appeals to you the most when it comes to an online casino? These days most if not all come with an exciting choice of options to choose from - there are online pokies designed by providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and the like, surely making most of the huge collections (you can easily find casinos with well over a thousand of those). Live dealer games are the latest craze, as people no longer feel compelled to travel long distances just to breathe in the air of a nearby gambling destination. There is roulette, blackjack, keno, dice and many other games that might not be pure casino but still have lots of fans across the world - such as bingo, wheel of fortune and the like. A good casino makes sure more pokies get added regularly - as soon as there is a new release by one of the providers listed, so that way you know you will never be stuck choosing from the same old titles.

Poker rooms

When it comes to poker, there are usually stand-alone brands that offer their players a chance to compete with other game enthusiasts, and there is often quite good money at stake. Poker might not be as popular as it used to be many years ago, when players did not have that rich choice of pokies and live dealer games, it still keeps being in steady demand among those eager to be challenged in spite of their level of skill and experience. Poker sites are among the sites we provide you with reviews for - you just need to pick the category and decide which one is worth a visit.

Sports betting venues

Betting on sports is another popular gambling sphere that keeps many people on edge. A good guess relying on facts and statistics, as well as a pinch of luck - and you can make a fortune based on the outcome of a certain game or event. Hard as it might be to imagine, besides the usual things to bet on - such as rugby, soccer, cricket, basketball and the like, there are also things like weather, politics and even life of celebrities.

Our selection process and why it works

So what exactly makes Casino100 such a unique website to visit whenever you are straddling the fence on the choice of the best gambling venue? It all comes down to the process we rely on when supplying you with reliable and unbiased reviews.

The process includes evaluating numerous factors that later turn into the final rating of a given casino. Clearly, the more factors are in play, the more chances you have of making a decision knowing all the facts and being aware of all the important aspects. Aspects such as security (the type of license held by a given casino), payment options available (including presence or absence of commission fees for withdrawals and deposits), choice of games and pokie providers, availability of promotions and bonuses (and all the terms you need to be aware of, including how many times to wager winnings from free spins) are of great importance, and we study them all.

After that it's time to sign up and test it all out for ourselves - our experienced employees know just what to look for and how to evaluate a site based on our internal guidelines and algorithms. We certainly don't take their word for it and test all the payment options just to make sure you aren't indeed charged any commission, and if you are - then what it looks like. After all, the things you are promised aren't always the things you can count on - unless they have been verified.

Following this kind of comprehensive research we create a review where you can find tons of useful information to rely on when making your choice. If you don't have the time for reading, you can rely on our ratings - we give you top websites for your locale (for instance, you will just see New Zealand-friendly casinos at the top, a multitude of factors affecting the final score received). You can check with the top casinos list and pick the one that will surely fit your expectations - and if still unsure, read the in-depth review looking for specifics.

We made it our job to provide you with up to date thorough reviews and ratings you can always rely on. Our selection methods set us apart from other similar websites, which allows us to state with confidence you can trust our information and save yourself some time searching for a great gambling site. Go ahead and spend those hours doing something you actually enjoy. Casino100 is also a place where you learn all the latest industry news, especially those that might affect players from New Zealand - so make sure to check with us every now and then to stay on top of the recent changes in the industry.

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