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Best Online Casinos in New Zealand 2022

Are you looking for the best casino online in New Zealand? Here at Casino100 you will find the most popular casinos in a toplist, see current bonuses and more!

Playing pokies and table games at best casinos in New Zealand

This casino guide offers a deeper understanding of what modern online casinos are, how they work and what makes them try harder, which for you as a player means more perks in forms of bonuses, special promotions and more games, which is especially exciting given the quality of new games released by world famous providers, as well as other numerous benefits. Here you will find all the basic information about the principles based on which online casino operate, as well as see which ones ranked the highest based on our research. If you are a newbie, you may also be wondering about the process of registration and what to keep an eye out for, as there are quite a lot of aspects to consider.

The difficulties of choosing the right place to play pokies or live casino games

The first and most important step when it comes to online gambling is deciding which of the numerous casinos out there are worth your attention. Later as you play online, you will thank yourself for the extra research and extra caution. Having narrowed down the list, you can pick the casino that best suits your expectations, but before you can do that, there will be a lot of factors that need to be taken into account, such as:

  • - Reputation of a given casino. It goes without saying that everyone wants to play only at a casino with an impeccable reputation that has not been caught doing anything illegal. Those things don't happen all that often anymore, but it's better to rule that out from the beginning. Choosing your casino from a proper rating would be a great way to handle it - that way you know there is a solid casino operator behind it, and that adds a layer of security for you.
  • - Casino specialization. Since casinos are numerous and have both live games and pokies these days, as well as video poker, you might be looking for one that gives you better promo offers for the types you prefer. There are those that favor pokie players and those that give better bonuses to players of, say, blackjack, as part of their live game promotional strategy. It would make sense to go for the kind of casino where you will get more bonuses, if these are among the things you are after.
  • - Deposit methods and commissions. It’s best if you manage to find a casino where you could deposit in and play for NZ dollars. As for fees, since you'd want to deposit and withdraw without paying any commission, like everyone else, you should keep an eye out for casinos that might charge you a fee here and there. It might depend on the payment methods used or the amount withdrawn - just to be safe, it pays off to check that information in advance. As for the speed of processing, this is another key factor, so it's best to make sure your deposits are processed momentarily, while you withdrawals won’t be held up for no reason.
  • - Availability of mobile casino, which would allow you to gamble on the go.

Settling or playing the field?

Given the great variety and choice of casinos available, you may consider taking your time deciding and trying different casinos before you stop at something (or maybe keep going and see if the sheer number of casinos you play at becomes the deciding factor, helping you nail that jackpot sooner or later). Having accounts with different casinos is one of the possible ways to go, in fact, many casino players choose this strategy. Of course, that's possible if you don't mind missing out on the loyalty rewards that you may not qualify for on account of not playing all that often at a specific casino. There is nothing wrong with exploring your options - but that still means you need to be doing it at carefully selected casinos that will make your experience safe and enjoyable, offering all the online casino games you are interested in.

Having said that, we feel the need to point out there is the opposite strategy of staying at the same casino, getting the best value from their loyalty program and making your deposits count, instead of breaking up your budget between different gambling establishments. Whichever option you prefer is totally up to you, but no matter which way you go, safety and right choices made ensure smooth and issue-free experience for you as a player.

Our screening process and how it can help

As you have probably already gathered from above, casino gambling is lots of fun. But only after you find the right place to play your favorite games at. At Casino100 we want to make sure your experience is always the most rewarding kind, which is why we study all the casinos available and analyze what they can offer, digging deep and delivering the results to you in form of in-depth reviews. With our help you can locate the best option for a Kiwi player, the kind of casino that will have your native currency, while also being generous with free spins. Using our rating you can easily find the best casino for New Zealand users, getting down to playing in just minutes. Saving your time is what we are here for, and we are confident you will find our thoroughly researched information very useful.

Online casino tips you may find useful

Once you start playing - the possibilities are endless. The mere number of games offered is amazing, so to make sure you never miss out on the best stuff, here are some useful tips on how to maximize your gambling experience.

1) Don't be afraid to try new pokies.

You might be a fan of a particular pokie wanting nothing to hear nothing about any other games by any other providers, but you could be missing out on a great deal of features with a great money winning potential, or special effects that will blow your mind. Try looking in the New section or Popular one - at the top there will always be something interesting to try. After all, you can always play for free - or if you are into it, play for real money!

2) Stay tuned.

Many if not all casinos reserve their juiciest deals for the subscribed users. You might not see something if you just come by as transit visitor, but you will hear about the special options offered if you are subscribed and get best deals sent directly to you! Moreover, new players are always offered very lucrative promo offers, and you are always the first to know when there is a particularly interesting promotion going on.

3) Don’t dismiss progressive jackpots.

Many players see jackpot games as something that never pans out, given the sheer number of players trying to hit the jackpot. We are not going to go ahead and say you should stick to those, as the chances are indeed slim, but risking a small part of your budget every now and then might not be a bad idea. After all, those wins are almost always random and totally unexpected.

4) Know your bonus.

With the great number of bonuses and promotions casinos offer, it might be easy to get confused. How much you can claim and how much you need to deposit for that, how many times to wager the bonus claimed, whether the free spins are to be wagered as well, and finally - how long you have to complete the wagering requirements? These are the things you must know before you claim your bonus, to avoid surprises. All those details can be found in bonus terms - so don't ignore that part and stay informed of what you are getting and on which conditions.

5) Don't hesitate to withdraw.

Probably one of the most common mistakes of players, both novice and experienced ones, is playing after a big win. You always want more no matter how much you win, but giving in to the temptation often leads to losing the winnings, or letting the casino have a nice chunk of it back. Make sure to withdraw after a big win - at least most of the money you won, giving yourself some time to cool off. After all, in 99% cases deposits (and withdrawals) come without any commission on the casino's side, so you are not losing anything.

6) Stay smart and control your gambling.

Regardless of how fun gambling online might be, it's something you need to have full control over. It's important to control how much you deposited and how much you lost, having certain 'protocols' in place and following them depending on where you are. Allocating time for gambling and taking breaks are very efficient tools that help you get your mind off the game, coming back another time refreshed and in more control.

If you feel you are unable to control the thrill of online gambling, there are always options offered by every reputable online casino that involve a mandatory period of rest, setting loss maximum, deposit maximums etc. Should you feel your gambling is becoming an issue, do not hesitate to seek help, because gambling is only the good kind of fun when you are in control.