The Best Gambling Websites in Kenya 2022

Today the internet is full of different gambling website, it doesnt matter if you're looking for onlinecasinos, sportsbetting or poker. But which ones can you rely on? Lets find out!

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Top 10 Gambling Websites in Kenya 2022

According to our tests, player satisfaction and reviews these are the top 10 casinos, betting & poker brands that you definitly should check out. They’re ordered in the way we rank them. If you’d like to see the best ones available please see our casino, betting or pokersite rankings - we have them all listed below.

Online Gambling in Kenya

Gambling in Kenya is extremely popular, with both males and females enjoying betting on sports, playing poker in card rooms and online casinos. Kenyan gamblers have no trouble accessing an online gambling site of their choosing once they decide that one has everything they are going to need, but what if you are only considering a few options and would like to know which one is the best for you? Casino100 is there to give you the answers, including to the questions you would never think about asking.

As any player out there, you are primarily interested in secure and fair gambling that gets you all the fun without any of the risks. You are in need of a legitimate casino betting site where it's easy to make a payment and get one after winning big, being able to participate in various promotions - if those are of interest, of course. Casino100 is your reliable guide in the world of online gambling, taking care of all the research that goes into locating just the right kind of establishment to place a bet or enjoy casino games.

Mobile Betting

A reputable study shows that mobile gambling is on the rise in Kenya, with smartphone users more likely to place bets than those that own basic phones, especially if that's the only device they do own. Therefore, it's crucial for you as player to know exactly what kind of mobile experience you can look forward to at the site chosen.

True, these days only a handful of sites aren't offering a mobile version that looks good on the much smaller screen of your mobile device (compared to that of the fairly standard screen of a personal computer). However, even though you might be able to access a certain website and play there, placing bets or spinning the virtual reels of your favorite slots, it might be more or less enjoyable depending on the venue you choose. Just to give you an example - even though some casino might have a mobile version, it might misread the type of device being used, with crucial buttons becoming quite elusive as a result. Or some of the features and navigation shortcuts you like to take might not be there because the mobile version wasn't thought through all that well.

Casino100 aims to offer you just the casinos that did impressive work on their mobile versions, especially given the fact mobile gaming is at the forefront of online gambling in Kenya. You can count on always being able to find casinos with impeccable and smoothly running mobile versions and sportsbooks that come with incredibly handy apps. When it comes to betting on sports, a handy app is something you always need. Say, for instance, you are taking a trip or it's the weekend and you are not at home - with a match happening and the outcome depending on what happens in the next minute. In-play betting on mobile is super easy, so you can always stay on top of that much anticipated football match and make your bets in seconds no matter where you are.

What Casino100 can offer

Casino100 employs a team of industry experts that understand how gambling works and what the expectations of the players are. One might say you don't need experience to spot a good casino or sportsbook, and this may be partly true. But if you are a picky gambler that likes to know everything to be perfect before committing, this kind of knowledge is crucial. We made it our job to offer all our users an insight into what online gambling sites are and which one is the most suitable one, determined by a range of parameters evaluated in a completely unbiased and professional way.

Here is what you get access to:

  • ✅ well-written reviews from gambling professionals that put a lot of work and effort into studying every casino listed.
  • ✅ ratings of top casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms that give you an instant idea of which one to pick to begin playing in just minutes.
  • ✅ truthful and exhaustive information on every aspect you might be interested in, as well as latest industry news.
  • ✅ special bonuses at some casinos and latest lucrative deals brought to you in our newsletter.

All those things you can easily get whenever you check back for more information every now and then. We work tirelessly on keeping the information fresh and relevant, and considering the sheer number of casinos in existence, this is a lot of work.

Our methods when gathering information

What truly sets us apart from the rest of the websites that offer similar solutions - getting to the gambling site of your dream checking with a rating or reading a review -s- is that we are very serious about staying true to our cause and serving you with only the freshest and most appealing deals, offers and opportunities, in addition to keeping all the information provided up to date and truthful. How we get information and process it later on depends on the type of gambling site being reviewed. You will find all the details below.

Sportsbooks: jurisdiction, payment methods and odds

According to a recent research conducted by a famous Kenyan website, betting on sports is the most preferred kind of gambling, choosing between the three. As you probably have guessed, Kenyan bettors are very interested in football, with many respondents caring about little else but this very sport. For us that means having to dig deeper to get you the coolest sportsbooks with an extensive choice of football events that would cover everything from local Kenyan matches to world-level events.

When it comes to betting on sports, all sites are pretty different. Some are focusing on a few different sports, as a result being unable to offer much if you are interested in something beyond, while others spread themselves way too thin, which means you won't always find the matches you want. There is yet another aspect to take into account, and it's the odds offered by a specific sportsbook. The odds offered make all those companies so different - and if you care to get yourself an accumulator bet in, say, three different sportsbooks, you will see exactly what we mean. Therefore, to offer you truly the best sportsbook, we study everything from their odds (including those for specific sports) to payment methods and special offers. After all, even if you are strapped for cash before a major game, it should be nice to be able to claim a bonus and boost your bankroll to enhance your winning potential. The jurisdiction also matters, as you want to be sure your winning bet means guaranteed money in your pocket.

Online casinos: bonuses, withdrawal limits and license

Online casinos are probably the most numerous kind of gambling establishment. These often include, in fact, a betting section where you can bet on popular sports - and you might be surprised, but the odds are often quite good compared to even the largest and highest regarded sportsbooks. Online casinos offer you a great deal of games to choose between, and your job is just to pick the game you feel like playing at the time of your visit. The difficulty in creating a review of such a gambling site and giving it a rating lies in the multitude of aspects that matter to players.

Take, for instance, welcome bonus packages (which include cash and free spins for selected slots) and other promotions the casino might be offering. While some players might be totally uninterested in those kinds of offers, as they just want to play for fun without putting any money down or enjoy a live dealer game, in most cases not eligible to partake in any promotions anyway, others are huge fans of getting extra cash on top of what they walked in with. If you think about it, there is no harm in it - you could be playing with one amount, but instead you get to play with double that, which ultimately gives you more chances of winning. Surely, most of such bonuses are to be wagered a certain number of times to clear the cash won, but if the amount won is large - this should not be a problem.

As you can see, bonuses and rewards are a very extensive topic to cover in our reviews - so we give you all the info you need on availability of bonuses, their size, terms of claiming them and wagering requirements, as well as any other aspects you might not be thinking about. And this is only the beginning, because there are also payment options you need to know all about. For instance, having M-Pesa among the payment options offered is great and very convenient - we make sure to mention that at the beginning of our review. That way, locating that information and confirming this is indeed the casino you will be comfortable depositing with and withdrawing from should take just seconds.

The type of license held by a specific casino is also of utmost importance because based on that you will know how awesome a certain gambling site is. For instance all licenses are considered secure, as every gambling establishment is supposed to comply with countless regulations to keep the license and offer top notch games, while some licenses allow for more freedoms (such as offering cryptocurrencies among payment options), of which we also keep you informed.

Poker rooms: level of players

Since poker rooms cover just one game - poker, things are a bit simpler here. It's mostly about the reputation of a certain poker room and the level of players you will be going up against. Everyone likes a good game of poker, but you should also remember that playing against your equals is a great way to get better without losing too much money in the process.

There are poker rooms with high limits and those with low limits, generally speaking, as well as those frequented by top notch players and those designed for players that have not gained the necessary level of confidence or expertise yet. You will find out all that information and beyond about the poker room you are interested in by reading our reviews - this is the kind of information we always include, besides the many other aspects, such as payment options, security, reviews of other users, personal experience etc.

Casino100 helps even if you are strapped for time

Casino100 makes it easy to find out everything you have the right to know about any website that looks good enough to put your money with. To that end you are welcome to study our reviews and find everything one needs to know before making a deposit and enjoying a game of roulette or placing a bet on a major football event that everyone simply must watch. It's important to know everything to keep yourself and your money safe, and we can guarantee smooth and secure gambling experience at any of the casinos we recommend you visit.

However, we can also understand not having enough time to study all our detailed reviews or even skimming a dozen of those. We get how many people just want to get down to business and place that bet as quickly as possible - and for cases like those we offer you top rated gambling sites. You see the rating, pick the casino that looks best based on the short preview text, maybe spend another couple of minutes skimming through the actual review - and done. Earning your trust is something we treat very seriously so you can be sure our recommendations can be relied on no matter the type of gambling establishment you are after.

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