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The Best Betting Websites in Kenya 2022

If you want to place a bet on some sport or anything else, you can find the top rated betting sites in Kenya here!

Sportsbooks in Kenya and how to spot the right one

Unlike the situation is in world sport betting, where wagering on sports and other events is often illegal in many countries, betting has not been an issue in Kenya for many decades. It's been legal to place wagers on sports since 1966 with the creation of the Betting and Licensing board overseeing the work of land-based casinos, sportsbooks and race books. And even though online betting wasn’t addressed for quite a while, the Board opened access for Kenyan players to world betting websites a few years ago.

In light of the industry still being under regulated, there is high demand for quality sportsbooks where every customer is treated with respect and given proper attention when needed. Good bonuses and regular promotions also never hurt, and even though it's no longer about lack of choice, it's still important to make the right one, given the wide range of options a Kenyan punter is facing. On this website you will find out all about choosing a great sportsbook, being very happy with the decision made.

Choosing your betting venue responsibly

When it comes to betting, Kenya might not be the biggest market of interest for international betting companies, but it certainly has been getting a lot of attention recently. In recent time there have been a lot of sportsbooks popping up with Kenyan versions, and the ones already out there have been adding Kenyan versions, offering special bonuses to new players. So you could say there is a definite interest toward Kenyan punters in the world sports betting arena, which makes the process of searching for the one you will be completely happy with a responsible task. Below we will talk about the steps that you need to take (or just keep in mind) to choose a great sportsbook.

Security is paramount

Security is the cornerstone of any betting experience, a successful one that is. You need to ensure your safety and complete security of your payments, as these days online betting comes with the added risk of having your privacy endangered. This is not an issue when you are betting with a reputable sportsbook, as all those use latest technologies to keep your data secure. It's also crucial to check and see if the sportsbook of your choosing comes with a proper gambling license, because this points to their serious intentions and proper commitment to the standards of sports betting.

Make yourself comfortable

When you are considering joining a certain sportsbook, it's important that you enjoy your initial experience. It never hurts to click around and see if everything is to your liking. While you really might not be able to put your finger on it, your sportsbook experience involves a lot of aspects that make you more or less comfortable wagering - such as ease of navigation, good design, availability of your language version and local currency, possibility to use your favorite payment method (for instance, Mpesa) and many others.

If there is something off, or you are not entirely sure - have a look elsewhere, as whatever you are not comfortable with at first sight might become a bigger issue later. There are plenty of good sportsbooks for Kenyan customers that you will be sure to love at first sight, so there is no need to settle for mediocrity. Maybe you also want to play casino games - then you will enjoy a sportsbook that has a casino section with top games.

Make sure help and guidance are within easy reach

Even though you might know what you are doing, it never hurts to have a section with FAQ or basic guide where you can learn the basics of online betting and check for tips. That truly makes an online sportsbook stand out there days, as you know they put in all the work and effort to create something to help you feel more confident. More points for them and more help for you - this is definitely something you should consider looking for when comparing sportsbooks.

See what other punters from Kenya think about it

While you can find a lot of reviews written by professionals out there, never forget about the importance of seeing things through the eyes of other users just like yourself that had first hard experience with the given sportsbook. Personal experience does not trump all, but it does provide you with a valuable insight into a certain sportsbook, often becoming an invaluable source of information about the pitfalls you should be aware of before you sign up. If you search for feedback, you will be sure to find real use reviews of the sportsbook you are keen on joining, and that should definitely help you tilt a certain way, removing some of the uncertainty that might be clouding your judgment.

Betting tips: how to make your bets count

If you have been on your betting journey for only a little while (and even if you haven't), there are some tips you should keep in mind just in case. After all, betting on sports is a very thrilling process, and losing sight of things is very easy. Here are some useful tips that will help you see sports betting for what it is and stay safe.

Set realistic goals

The reality of betting on sports is that most people are unable to make money doing it. As a beginner punter, you need to realize that in general, while you can make money off betting on sports, it takes a lot more than just a deep understanding of a certain sport and all the relevant statistics. As you get better at it, you can revise your expectations and set new goals, but always make sure you keep things real, as this way you will avoid frustration and disappointment.

Get your facts straight and keep learning

Before you start, you need to gain basic understanding of betting terminology and be familiar with how things work. You need to understand different types of bets, how to place your wagers and how much you stand to win in case you are placing those wagers. It also does not hurt to understand how statistics can impact the outcome of a match, for instance, but even if you don't know anything about it, there is always the option of relying on your gut in addition to following the bet-of-the-day deals offered by large sportsbooks. These are offered as a courtesy by the sportsbook and often pan out, so it’s worth considering them if you don't have your own deep understanding and knowledge of the sports you are wagering on.

Set your budget and have a plan

No matter how much money you have and how much of it you can afford to lose, it's always important to have a plan for the money you intend to wager. How much of money you set aside for betting depends on your financial situation, but the most important thing here is to make sure this is the amount you can afford to lose. You might not lose it - and might end up winning more, but you must stick to the plan and never dip into any funds that aren’t intended for gambling.

Don't be afraid to pick and choose

In sports betting the number of bets placed (or the amount of them) is not as important as their quality. A good thought-out bet will yield a better result than five you place without thinking too hard, just for the sake of wagering. No matter if you are relying on your own knowledge or using betting tips offered by the sportsbook, make sure to pick the bets you really want to make, instead of betting blindly on anything that comes along.

Play the field and take advantage of good offers when you see them

Finally, keep in mind there is no need for you to stick with just one sportsbook. Loyalty program aside, there is no reason to stay loyal to a single website for the rest of your life. See what else is there, take advantage of a fancy big bonus and use that money to bank on your gut feeling of knowledge at some new sportsbook. You can compare odds and place wagers at a few sportsbooks - just make sure to stay within your budget and be responsible.

What we can do for you

Casino100 is committed to helping its Kenyan visitors connect to best sportsbooks based on their preferences and expectations. It’s our goal to ensure your smooth and enjoyable gambling experience, and to that end we employ gambling professions for research and actual testing of the sports betting venues in our rating. We would not be there for long if we didn't actually help our visitors make the right choice - and thousands of happy users that already found their sportsbook leaving feedback are the best indication of us doing the job right.

On our top-rated sportsbooks list you will find names of betting companies that not only passed initial research but also proved to be the most serious, fair, responsible and lucrative following a week of rigorous testing and checking. We don't rely on just personal experience, as it's quite subjective, and we don't bring you just the dry facts, because these might not check out. Instead, we offer the perfect combination of the two, ruling out any surprises along the road and keeping you updated on which sportsbooks are a must-try for every Kenyan punter.

If you are intent on doing the research on your own- this is commendable, but whenever you choose to rely on the experience and judgment of professionals with over a decade in the industry, please feel free to use our ranking to pick yourself a great betting company. You won't be disappointed - and we will keep doing our good work and adding even more websites for you to try.

How to make sure betting does not become a problem

According to South African responsible gambling foundation, a problem gambler is someone that keeps gambling (in case of sports betting - placing wagers) even in spite of the detrimental consequences. That includes, for instance, gambling when you have financial problems. To make sure you are safe and gambling is not a problem, rather than a way to have fun responsibly, good sportsbooks have procedures you can follow if you feel like you are getting sucked into it and can no longer control it. You can contact them about the issue, and they will offer you a solution - for example, to put a limit on your deposits, or your losses, or make sure to exclude you for a certain period, based on your direct request. Even though such cases are rare, it's important to know you can get help in case you need it, and this is what makes a sportsbook really a good and responsible one - commitment to helping its customers ensure healthy and controlled gambling.