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Best Online Casinos in Kenya 2022

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Which casino to prefer choosing from all the variety available

When you start gambling online, or if you are just looking for a new casino to call home, the same question becomes very relevant - which of the numerous gambling venues out there is right for you? Which one will keep you happy as a player and satisfy all you needs while being secure and dependable?

How to make a decision about the right online casino

When it comes to choosing an online casino, Kenya is a true paradise for those eager to gamble, as players are accepted at online casinos throughout the world, so you can pretty much pick what you like rather than between what you are being offered. However, that abundance of choice also generates a problem - it might take you a long while to decide which of those options is best for you. Clearly, you have a lot of things you want to see, and these will contribute significantly to your final choice of the gambling venue. Here are some of the aspects you need to keep an eye out for.

License and regulation

A properly licensed casino is a secure one. Security is a cornerstone of a successful and enjoyable gambling, as it allows you to feel safe doing something you truly enjoy. The tougher license your casino of choice has - the more protected you will feel. It's therefore best to go for the more serious casino if it comes to deciding between two places with the rest of the aspects being the same.

Plentiful promo events and generous bonuses

If you are a big fan of bonuses, free spins and regular promotions, there is nothing wrong with that. That also means you should be looking for a place where the promo party never ends and free things (although with wagering requirements attached in most cases) just keep coming your way.

Even though today casinos all offer a welcome package and regular promotions, you would be right to get to the ones that really make a point of offering their players as much variety as they can in that department. Also, every casino bonus with very rare exceptions comes with a wagering requirement of sorts. It pays off to check those in advance and see how realistic they are.

Convenient and secure payments

Banking options matter, as not only do you make deposits, you also need to make withdrawals from time to time. Therefore, it's a good idea to make sure the casino of your choosing works with the payment methods you prefer. If it's credit card you are after, all casinos will have that, but if you are interested in depositing with a certain cryptocurrency or via Mpesa, for instance, that will take some searching. It's also a good idea to find out how long it takes for the casino to process your withdrawals and whether you need to undergo obligatory identity verification (in that case it might make sense to send in the ID in advance to save yourself some time).

Live casino games and slots

Live casino is the latest trend - and many casinos have a great category with all the favorite games available, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and even poker. If there isn't a live casino section at your casino - keep looking, who's to say you won't feel like playing online roulette or at some point in future? Also, having live dealer games speaks to the casino being serious about staying in this business, as no self-respecting online casino will give you just slot machines and that's all.

Mobile casino

All and any online casino games need to be easily accessible on the go. With smartphones having screens big enough to enjoy even the latest slots, you want to be mobile when enjoying your favorite gambling venue, and you have every right to be. While casinos rarely offer a downloadable version, you will be just as satisfied with a good version adapted for mobile devices, where menu items are tidied away into hamburger menus. No matter if it's slots or online blackjack you are after - playing on the go is very much possible and should be available.

Reasons to trust us when choosing a winner casino

There are numerous aspects to consider, and even more of those you might not be thinking about. To pick the finest candidates for our rating and make sure all casino games available are fair and come in incredible quality, we check all casinos reviewed and recommended to ensure they are licensed, secure and come with a basic set of options players are interested in.

But we also go beyond just that, testing them for ourselves for weeks before we bring you the final verdict. Those casinos that don't pass the inspection or we feel don't give you much else besides exciting games simply don't make it to the list of those recommended. So here are seven solid reasons you can trust our rating and our judgment:

  • ⚈ we do research and then keep the factual info up-to-date.
  • ⚈ we thoroughly test the casinos to ensure they are indeed quite awesome.
  • ⚈ our reviews are written by the people that tested the said casinos and have first-hand experience with them.
  • ⚈ we aren't affiliated with those casinos and can therefore give you an unbiased opinion.
  • ⚈ there are many aspects we weigh before ranking each casinos, some of which you wouldn't even think to include.
  • ⚈ we save you a lot of time by doing the work that would have to be done anyway.
  • ⚈ we keep things various and fun by adding more casinos to our list.

Whether or not you choose to trust our recommendations and follow the advice is completely up to you. There are players that prefer to do the heavy lifting all on their own just to make double sure, and it's actually great. However, if you fall into the category of those that want to play at a great casino but do not have the time to do a proper research, we are hoping to be of help, connecting you to the casinos with unbeatable offers and uncompromisingly high security measures in place for your protection and peace of mind.