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The Best Pokersites in Kenya 2022

Are you looking for the best place to play real money online poker? On our list you will find the most popular pokersites for poker games such as Texas Hold'em.

Why trust us choosing a poker room

Casino100 brings you breathtaking choice of best online poker rooms that can be trusted. At most of them you can play free poker games, but they all offer real money gambling. We only recommend the ones we are 100% confident about, based on hours of research and days or testing.

Our company started small, with a group of gambling professionals that wanted to share the knowledge of how things work in the industry with the rest of the players out there. Before that some of us played poker and casino games, other bet on sports, and many of us are still actively doing that. Our first-hand experience allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the industry. Now our job is to research best poker rooms out there and bring you fresh unbiased reviews, along with an easy to use rating of best poker rooms in Kenya where you can start playing right now.

Because of our thorough process and actual testing, rather than just giving you the facts, you can be sure about the legitimacy and quality of services offered. As a poker player, we are sure you will appreciate the choice that can be made without any rush (and yet not taking you longer than a few minutes compared to hours or possibly days of painful choosing). We don't insist you go for any of the poker rooms in our top rating, but whenever you are pressed for time and would like to get down to playing instead of reading and being totally unsure, you are welcome to use the fruit of our labor and enjoy the actual game.

Reputation and license

A poker room that's safe to play always has a gambling license that works for Kenya (otherwise you can take them off your list right away and keep looking). There is no going around it. So you should always make sure you are playing it safely by picking from the top poker rooms. However, best rating does not mean their license always checks out, so digging deeper and verifying is a necessary step, especially if this is one the final picks for becoming your top choice poker room.

If you want an opportunity to win real money, it pays off to ensure the poker room of your choice if legitimate and you won't have any issues with fair practices or your payouts. Never hurts to read the feedback of other Kenyan players just to double check that. If there is too much negativity - there must be a reason for it, as there is no smoke without fire, and you don't want to be close to that fire.

Choice of games and helpful tips

Assuming you already have favorite poker varieties and intend to join a poker room where you can play them without any limitations, the choice will still be quite difficult, as most poker rooms have quite an impressive list to choose from. Surely, you will always be able to enjoy texas holdem poker, which is the most common kind there is, but there might be other preferences that will help narrow down the search even further. For instance, if you happen to be a fan of Omaha Hi or Five Card Draw, that might mean extra research, as not every single poker venue will offer that one.

No matter if you are a pro or a newbie, it makes sense to check for a section where tips and educational articles will be available - from poker hands description to strategies. This is certainly a sign of a serious poker room that put some thought into it, and you don't want to miss one like that. If you are a newbie, understanding which card in poker hand will make you rich is crucial for a smooth experience - so get learning when there is a chance.

Payment options and withdrawals speed

Any poker player want convenient and commission free payment options, so check that information and make sure there is a choice there. You'd want to have:

  • ⚈ credit cards
  • ⚈ debit cards
  • ⚈ Mpesa
  • ⚈ online wallets
  • ⚈ cryptocurrencies

These days charging commission for deposits or withdrawals is not such a widespread thing. So watch out for any attempts of a given poker room to do that to you, and if you don't feel like paying up - keep moving, every poker player finds a great poker room at the end of their journey.

Availability of bonuses and promotions

Ironic as might seem, the best and highest rated poker rooms should not be expected to offer the best bonuses. It’s all very simple - the more popular they are, the less they are incentivized to give you free money. Therefore, you will need to manage your expectations when you choose to join a top online poker room, in terms of bonuses. If you are after good bonuses, consider looking among recently established poker rooms, as those tend to be more generous with free money for new players on account of having to prove themselves and get more customers. This is not a bad thing, as you get more cash to play with before you even get to that poker table.

Player traffic matters in online poker

Size matters - especially if you are interested in more action. The more traffic there is - the more opportunities you have to enjoy numerous games and tournaments nonstop, any time you feel like jumping in. Therefore, a poker room with a generous player base is something you need, regardless of whether you like texas hold em or have your sight set on Omaha Hi.