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The Best Betting Websites in New Zealand 2022

If you want to place a bet on some sport or anything else, you can find the top rated betting sites in New Zealand here!

Betting on most popular sporting events

Betting (meaning): gambling a certain amount of money on a specific outcome of some event. Betting on sports in particular is a great way to cash in on your predictions - the events are as real as they get, so you always know there is no cheating involved. With the great number of events going on, every sports fan will find something exciting to bet on. There are those placing bets on outcomes of events based on their hunches (often winning quite big) and those carrying out thorough analysis of an upcoming game, placing bets after weighing things and basing them on solid facts and factors.

No matter what betting is to you, there is no argument about this form of gambling being quite complex and entertaining at the same time, involving more than just luck in many cases and therefore so appealing. Since there are no New Zealand based sportsbooks, as online sports betting is illegal, all punters have to do it at overseas based websites, which is in turn totally legal. This is why very often sportsbooks happen to have a NZ version and accept New Zealand dollar, making you feel like home.

Mobile betting online in New Zealand

Mobile betting only became widely spread a few years ago, as the betting scene shifted towards making your predictions and wagering money on the go. With people being as mobile as ever, it makes sense to create an equally convenient opportunity for them to bet from smartphones. While for online casinos that usually involves coming up with an adaptive website that looks more compact on the phone, for sportsbooks that usually comes down to an app. On such apps you can get the same features as on the desktop version, including statistics, access to live betting and even live feeds, cashing out, depositing etc. This is why it's crucial to sign up with a sportsbook that with a betting app that makes things easier for you instead of complicating them a great deal.

How to bet if you aren't an expert

If you love sports and the thrill of making predictions for real money, sports betting is something you definitely are going to enjoy. But what are you supposed to do if you aren't too good at making a betting decision based on the intricacies of the chosen sports? For instance, when it comes to the outcome of a football match, you are supposed to keep track of a great deal of things if you want to improve your chance of winning.

Lucky for you, good sportsbooks aren’t stingy when it comes to that kind of information and share their analytics with subscribed users regularly. You often get an accumulator of the day with finest odds put together by the system, as well as can learn about the most solid bet, all things considered, for specific events. Even if you simply like to watch, say, football, rather than spend hours analyzing it for making a bet, you can always find a bookmaker with reliable football betting tips to base your wagering on.

Solid signs of a great online sportsbook

Online betting is a booming business, which means there is a great choice of online bookmakers eager to accept your bet. While this means a great variety of options when making your choice, it also involves some research before signing up, to make sure you are choosing the best place to gamble at. Here are some of the key factors pointing to a great sportsbook not to be missed.

Has a serious betting license

A serious betting license is something you cannot ignore - every sportsbook must have one. An online gambling license is a sign of the website having undergone all the complex and strict procedures to prove to the licensing authority their serious intentions and their competence. It also means the issuing authority is still making sure this sportsbook is upholding the high standards of responsible and fair betting by following the procedures recommended. The license all by itself means nothing, of course, but this is a very important factor to consider. It's also useful to pay attention to the type of license being held - while in some jurisdictions getting one is a formality, in others stricter ones you don't get it only because you are prepared to pay the fee.

Comes with stellar feedback and reputation

The reputation of the company running the casino is an important factor. For instance, if you have a company that runs a few websites of this nature and there are a few years of successful work - this already means something to you as a punter singing up with them. Even though this information is not easy to find at times, we make sure to include it into our research, just to give you that extra peace of mind. We also pay attention to what the customers are saying across the internet, as negative reviews often help uncover potential issues customers might experience - in that case we focus on those aspects and make double sure they are either unfounded or confirmed true, in which case we look elsewhere for the kind of operator we could confidently recommend.

Offers a large choice of sports and competitive odds

Sports betting would all happen in the same place if it wasn't for the odds different sportsbooks offer, some of them more and others less competitive than others. How good the odds will be depends on what you are looking for. Some bookmakers offer unbeatable odds for widely anticipated events, while others can make you rich if you choose to make a bet on some rare kind of sport or an event no one in particular is interested in. Depending on what you are looking for, you will be going for a different sportsbook.

Runs promotions and offers regular bonuses

Welcome bonuses aside (these are offered by most if not all sportsbooks), sportsbooks often give you an exciting list of bonuses to take advantage of, sometimes even daily. Bonuses are a chance to add some money to your original bankroll, which comes in really handy if you have a solid bet and would like to cash in on it. Many sportsbooks have a loyalty program, comp points and other ways to make you feel appreciated, and it never hurts to know all those things. Also, if you see a sportsbook offering an abundance of bonuses and events, you know it's a generous one worth sticking around with.

Has banking methods that fit your needs

Finally there is the issue of banking methods offered by the sportsbook you are looking at. For instance, some punters prefer the good old credit cards, while others would like to see debit cards and maybe even some cryptocurrencies, which are still not that common to find among sportsbooks, although still possible. A good sportsbook will give you plenty of choices, including some methods you may not find everywhere - which ultimately might make it the best pick.