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The Best Pokersites in New Zealand 2022

Are you looking for the best place to play real money online poker? On our list you will find the most popular pokersites for poker games such as Texas Hold'em.

Play poker online in New Zealand safely and with pleasure

Millions of people in the world play poker - and a significant part of them are playing poker online. It's a lot more convenient these days compared to the way it used to be. Today you have all the same choices and options, if not more, than you used to have in the time when poker rooms needed to be visited in person. Plus the added convenience of being at home, still enjoying most intense games. Even though some people have concerns, safe and enjoyable poker is very much possible, but that only applies to cases when you are playing at a reputable poker room after making sure all the boxes are checked. Doing that is quite a time-consuming task, which is why you might be happy to hear someone else is on it for you.

Best online poker sites brought to you by Casino100

Casino100 caters to the needs of players from New Zealand that want to play cash games at best poker rooms to win real money. Surely, poker is not just about money, and many people do play it just for fun. But at some point you can't but wonder if the skill you have might actually turn into real money - that surely can't hurt. We made it our mission to deliver only the best poker rooms available online. And even though they might offer free poker games to get warmed up, they are mostly about some hardcore poker action with players of different levels challenging each other's skills every minute. Our thorough selection process allows us to recommend every poker room listed with confidence - and confidence is something you always need in poker.

Your safety when playing poker

A reputable poker room is something everyone is after. A secure place to play poker is a website with a properly licensed and regulated company behind it, usually with a few years of experience and a stellar reputation. You don't want to go for anything less than that, because this is common sense.

Wide choice of games and tons of fun

If you could find a poker room with the largest bonus, would that be the one to go for? Or maybe it all comes down to how many poker variations are offered? The truth is, things are different for every poker player, as people have different preferences. We include into our rating only the best poker rooms that have the perfect combination of aspects players are interested in. Most of them will offer the best bonuses in the industry plus quite an exciting choice of poker variations, so you can keep on exploring once you feel you mastered the most popular kinds.

Problem-free withdrawals

One of the key features of an online poker room is how easy it is to withdraw. You can fully relax and enjoy the game only when you know you can count on fair treatment and honest payment practices, getting your requests processed quickly without any funny business. Poker is played for many other reasons besides to get rich, but money matters, making this aspect another one we focus on in our reviews.

When it comes to payments, besides deposits, which you want to be quick and commission free, there is the issue of withdrawals. We want to make sure you can withdraw your winnings at any point - and you should do that in case you manage to win big, as this is the best strategy that will allow you to cool off instead of going for another opportunity relying on your heated hunch. We make sure the companies running poker rooms reviewed are solid and have not been involved in anything shady, guaranteeing safe and reliable withdrawals, with no fees charged.

How to play poker

Before you play poker, you need to follow a very simple plan (these are just the basic steps, of course, but you do need to keep them in mind, as when at the poker table, you won't have the time to be sorry you didn't):

1) Learn the basic poker hands and how they rank in case of a face-off. The good news is that the hands are always the same in all games. You need to know a straight flush if woken up in the middle of the night.

2) Learn the game mechanics. When you play poker, no matter if it's Texas hold em or some other variety, there is a certain scenario the game follows. There is betting and raising, as well as folding, which are all important to understand, as there is a great deal of strategy involved later down the road.

3) Play poker for fun to make sure you mastered the basics. You don't want to jump into a game with big blinds feeling lucky only to realize you have no idea what to do next.

4) Keep learning other variations like pot limit Omaha, 7-card stud, Chinese poker and others. Alternatively, if you are interested in deepening your skills and betting your instincts, you can participate in tournaments run online and learn from other players, polishing your strategy and you instincts.

When you start playing poker, you learn the meaning of the expression "easy to learn but difficult to master". This card game is unique on account of also being a game of skill and strategy, rather than relying just on luck, which involves reading other players in order to know when it's best to fold, raise, bluff etc. While there are an insane variety of poker game variations, the basics of the game to be learnt are mostly the same.

Texas holdem is the most commonly played variety of poker. When you master this game, you will just need to learn the small changes for other games, as they will all be based on the same terms and concepts anyway. So in a way, when you know one poker variety, especially the most popular one, you know them all.