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The Best Betting Websites in South Africa 2022

If you want to place a bet on some sport or anything else, you can find the top rated betting sites in South Africa here!

Online betting in South Africa: legality and availability

Just like any other nation out there, South Africans are huge fans of wagering on the outcomes of sporting events, from local to international. Good news - it's legal and possible to do across the nine provinces. There really isn't any bad news there - maybe only for land-based bookies.

While placing a bet with a land-based bookie is possible and widely practiced, more and more punters are switching their attention to online sportsbooks, doing the wagering from the comfort of their homes, keeping abreast of the latest stats and factors to consider. Surely, betting in person has that unique experience attached to it, but betting online has one advantage you cannot dispute: it’s really time-saving.

And if this is something you can agree with, you are probably already in process of searching for a dependable online bookie to place your wager with. Another reason that should make you more intent on betting online is that land-based bookies, being more heavily regulated, are often unable to offer betting odds as lucrative as online-based bookies that have fewer tax-related responsibilities. If your mind is all made up about sports betting online, keep reading below to find out what you should be looking for and how we could be of help.

How we make your online experience worthwhile

Online sports betting is supposed to be fun, but also safe and convenient. We work hard on delivering you the top rated websites that, according to our research and vigorous testing, check all of the boxes and offer you a chance to enjoy your gambling experience every single time. In our top rating you will find links to sportsbooks that we personally approved based on our strict protocol - and we can guarantee those betting companies are the best of the best. Obviously, these are not the only ones out there, so we are working on checking and reviewing other sportsbooks, adding new ones to our top list to give you more choices and more options.

No matter if you are in it for money or pure fun, whether you prefer betting on football or some rare kind of sports that's hard to come by, you will be able to get yourself one in just minutes by checking with our recommended list and reading the review, if necessary. The reviews are written by our employees, all of which are industry professionals that test the companies in question extensively, right after they make sure all the other key aspects check out (such as license, secure processing of payments, etc). You are always free to join some different sportsbook - as mentioned, we do not claim these are the only good sportsbooks, but they are the ones you go to whenever you need a trustworthy sportsbook that's safe and committed.

Locating just the right sportsbook: guide

On the world sports betting scene you will discover a great a number of sportsbooks registered in different jurisdictions and offering a great range of options, including to punters from South Africa. The most important thing at this point is to decide which aspects are of most interest to you, as this will allow you to quickly filter out the websites that you will simply not be fully satisfied with. And there is no reason why you should settle for anything other than totally great, as the choice is generous enough for you to be able to do just that. Let's talk about what you should be looking for.

Security and reliability are always important

… And yet so often happen to be overlooked when deciding which of the sportsbooks to prefer. True, it might not always be easy to identify which jurisdiction a given sportsbook is operating in and how good their license is. But since we know exactly where to look, we always start by checking the validity of the license and whether this company has had any issues before. This is a basic step that ensures any shady or less than totally trustworthy betting companies don't end up anywhere among the websites we recommend. We do not take their word for it, as we have plenty of knowledge and resources to verify all the basic things claimed - such as encryption used, license, jurisdiction and regularity of audits ensuring fair practices.

Best odds and most various markets

Although a sportsbook is not defined by just odds, for obvious reasons, good odds do matter. You always want to get top odds - or at least get as close as you can to those without compromising on the security, convenience or any of the other aspects that matter. We go beyond just confirming a certain bookie has good odds, instead we check exactly how many different sports are covered and how creative you can get when it comes to betting options. You can always count on variety, as well as staying informed in case something changed - as we do keep an eye on the sportsbook already covered to reflect any exciting new additions and options in our reviews.

Great limits and most reliable banking options

In our opinion a good sportsbook is a flexible one. The ones that offer you the most flexibility (for instance, offering deposit/withdrawal limits from nice and low minimums to very generous maximums) are sure to be ranked higher than those keeping things way too strict for some punters. We also check to make sure our South African users never have to wonder about which banking option to prefer, as they already have a proper choice of credit cards, debit cards and other payment options (such as cryptocurrencies) without any commission or waiting longer than reasonable. Processing speed is something we check for very carefully and certainly more than once, as this is one of the most important aspects to some punters expecting to get paid soon after sending in their withdrawal request. Just to give you an example - all the sportsbooks on our list of recommended betting websites process withdrawal requests within 2-3 hours for most methods, save for credit cards, which take longer.

Excellent user experience and bonuses

As a punter, you are interested in enjoying your stay and getting as much as possible out of every bet placed. Therefore, we have a very clear preference for sportsbooks that can offer you all that - generous and frequent promotions, bonuses for deposits, a loyalty program that gives you perks for sticking around and wagering, as well as VIP treatment whenever you need customer support and get in touch. Navigation, mobile betting, a section with useful betting tips - all those extras might not be deciding for most punters, but they certainly help you understand what kind of sportsbook this is, in terms of keeping its punters happy. We bet on those that choose to go the extra mile for their punters - and you will be able to tell once you start checking out those sportsbooks for yourself.

So, to sum up, what's the best sportsbook for South African players?

A great sportsbook that will be safe and comfortable to use is the one that will have all of the following:

  • - a proper international gambling license which allows accepting South African citizens.
  • - methods of payment convenient for SA punters, as well as possibility to make payments and bet in South African rand.
  • - good odds on events of most interest to South African punters, such as African football, basketball, horse racing and so on.
  • - a generous welcome bonus and ongoing opportunities of scoring more cash to play with.
  • - round the clock support in English to get qualified help whenever you need.