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Best Online Casinos in South Africa 2022

Are you looking for the best casino online in South Africa? Here at Casino100 you will find the most popular casinos in a toplist, see current bonuses and more!

Best South African casinos at your service

There is no shortage of casinos available to players from South Africa - in fact, there are more than enough to choose from. And while a few years ago choice may have been the issue, now it's too much choice that's causing headaches in players looking for a fun yet safe place to gamble.

If you are dreading the huge choice of options but still aren't losing the hope of ending up at a truly magnificent online casino that will keep you happy as a player and customer, there are ways to make things a lot quicker and less annoying. Keep reading to find out how it can be resolved in most elegant and handy manner.

Why it may be tough to quickly find a decent online casino

With every casino out there claiming to be the best and demonstrating proof in form of user reviews, awards and other impressive details, you cannot possibly check them all out to pick the best one. There isn't a website aggregator that will give you access to every single casino, allowing you to filter your way through the least likely choices, ending up with just a few winners that will be competing for your attention for the next ten minutes or so. This process is a lot lengthier due to the fact every player has their own ideas and preferences, and even though most casinos will try hard to satisfy those, they will never be equally successful.

One casino might offer more convenient payment methods and quick processing of withdrawals, while the one with slower withdrawals will seduce you with the kind of welcome package you will feel obligated to take advantage of. More popular casinos tend to offer less lucrative bonuses, while those that emerged only recently are known for their generosity and creative approach to keeping their players happy. There are lot of choices to consider and sometimes a definite need to compromise - which ultimately makes your choice quite difficult, taking up more time than you were initially eager to dedicate to it.

Factors that might influence your choice of an online casino

As someone eager to end up with a casino that will rock your world in terms of promotions and royal treatment, as well as in other ways imaginable, you will need to pay close attention to a number of aspects when comparing different websites and rating them, just to know which one to give preference tow. Here are some of the most commonly sought after factors that will probably make you consider a certain casino over other ones:

  • ✅a serious license (like Malta or UK), which takes more effort to get and therefore stands for a casino eager to go the extra mile.
  • ✅a welcome package that includes a few bonuses rather than just one, making it more manageable in terms of wagering.
  • ✅no deposit free spins or cash offered as a sign of good will, or cash/free spins for new players that do not need to be wagered.
  • ✅a busy event calendar that includes not only slot races and other promos for slot players, but also those for players that enjoy live dealer games.
  • ✅possibility to pay and play with cryptocurrencies.
  • ✅a loyalty program that offers additional bonuses for simply playing the games available.
  • ✅a smooth and overall enjoyable mobile version that works on your smartphone.

Clearly, there are many other aspects to take into account. In fact, these are just the ones that will be likely to make you choose a certain casino over some other ones participating in the race for your first deposit. Besides those aspects there are also quite a few things to check for to ensure your safety when playing and making payments, as online gambling must be safe, above all things.

How Casino100 makes your job easier

Casino100 has tasked itself with delivering only the freshest ratings of the internet's best casinos to visit. You will see which casinos are best for you as a SA player, being sure you will be offered VIP experience and feel like home (as in most of them you will be able to play for South African rand and view all promo offers in your native currency).

Our team of gambling experts

Casino100 was founded by a team of gambling experts specializing in different areas - some are poker players, others enjoy online slots and live games, some use their unique power of prediction and precise analytical skills to win money betting on sporting events. In short, we understand what we are talking about and intend to offer you the best websites to join if you are looking for a safe way to have fun. The casinos we recommend are the ones we would be playing at ourselves (and often do so, because seeing how rare it is to find a proper casino out there, especially if you are looking for something exciting and fresh, we are only happy to find an extra casino to play at from time to time, if not the sake of a new bonus or numerous free spins, then for some thrilling theme or an exclusive slot).

Our process explained

So how does a casino make it to our rating? This process involves two very important components - researching the facts and testing the website for ourselves. The first stage is gathering information, and this is when most of new casinos that got our attention get shaken off, because we are not interested in anything mediocre or less than hundred percent reliable.

Once we know which payment methods are offered, which license is held and how good the bonus terms are, among many other things, we get down to the next phase, which is often quite exciting, as it allows us to bring you a new exciting casino we know you'll love. We play slots and casino games extensively, request withdrawals and make payments, undergo verifications and send complaints to support service - all that just to put their promises through the kind of testing that will either be failed or passed.

Those casinos that will be sure to live to your expectations (having lived to ours) make it to the recommended list - as you see you can’t go wrong even if you just pick one and go for it without thinking twice.

Why trust our recommendations

If you want to play online and win real money, then you need a trusted and reliable casino to play at, and some research is needed, there is simply no getting around it. The reason you can trust us is that we treat our process very seriously and do our homework, which makes our list of recommended casinos an absolute hit among those players that chose to go for any of the casinos there. The reason why you should trust us is that not only do we save you tons of time, we also make sure you are always safe and taken good care of as a player - and from where we stand, this seems to be something many, if not all, players are after.