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The Best Betting Websites in India 2022

If you want to place a bet on some sport or anything else, you can find the top rated betting sites in India here!

Top betting sites in India 2022

Are you sure of who is going to win at that upcoming horse race or cricket game? If so, betting may be for you. Online betting sites can be a good option for indian betters who live a busy life or simply prefer placing bets from their homes or wherever they may be rather than heading down to the sports arena or horse racing tracks. Casino 100 have made it our mission to list, compare and review the top betting sites in india, both Indian and foreign ones. We want to help you find your new favorite betting site more easily so you can start betting sooner and spend less time scrolling through different betting sites.

What is betting?

Betting means placing a bet on how you think a game, a sports event or something else may go. Betting has been a popular way of predicting sports games and other events for centuries.

In other words, you guess the end results of an upcoming game, match, race or something else that involves a competition. Here at Casino 100 you can find the top betting sites in India 2022. We compare, review and rank the most popular betting sites so you do not have to spend hours trying to find a legitimate betting site and can start betting way sooner.

Is betting legal in India?

Gambling has quickly gained popularity in India and the lawmakers are a bit behind. But betting is a form of gambling that has been popular for a long time, and it is not as heavily regulated as other sorts of gambling. The reason it is not as regulated is because it not only depends on luck but also on skill. Betting on sports, in particular horse racing and cricket, is common amongst indian players all over the country. There are betting shops in most cities. But for indian players who live far away from one or live a busy life, online betting sites can be a good option.

How does online betting sites work?

An online betting site work in the same way as a classic betting shop. The betting site work as the bookkeeper, keeping track of everyone’s bets. Once the result are confirmed, the players that placed a bet that matches the outcome of the sports event, game or race win a certain amount of money.

Horse and cricket betting tips

When it comes to online betting, there are some things that may be worth considering. One thing is what team, horse or whatever else to put your bet on. Casino 100 offer articles with tips and tricks for new indian betters, to give you some guidance. But ultimately, betting is a lot about listening to your gut feeling, and about skill. By taking multiple factors into account you can calculate the most likely outcome of a game. But as always in sports, it is impossible to know for sure who is going to win beforehand, and placing a bet always come with a risk of losing money.

Finding the best betting site in India 2022

Finding the perfect betting site for you can be quite difficult. There are almost an endless amount of online casinos out there, and it can be hard to tell sometimes whether they are legitimate or not. Casino 100 only feature fully legitimate betting sites so you can rest assured knowing that no matter which betting site you choose it is licensed, regulated and safe to use. Casino 100 always read through the terms and conditions as well as the fineprint of each betting site featured on our website and list the most important aspects to give you an overview.

The best betting site in India 2022

There are constantly new betting sites being made available to indian players. Casino 100 list the top ones as well as compare and review them. Which one that ends up being your personal favourite betting site, is a matter of preference really. You may have a prefered type of betting or maybe you choose your betting site based on their payout time or their offered payment methods. No matter which one you end up choosing to place your bet with, Casino 100 will make the search for the perfect betting site for you much easier.

Compare the top betting sites in India 2022

All the betting sites listed on Casino 100 are the current top betting sites in India. We regularly compare them to make their differences, advantages as well as disadvantages clear to you. Our comparisons will tell you what kind of betting the site offer, what payment options they offer, their estimated payment time and much more.

Reviews of top betting sites in India 2022

Casino 100 not only compare the top betting sites in India, we also review them. Our reviews are thorough and filled with all the pros and cons of each betting site. We write our reviews for indian players and that is why they are always fully unbiased. Our reviews look at everything from how the betting works on the betting site, how easy it is to understand the rules, the terms and conditions as well as the fine print, their offered payment options as well as many other things.

Payment methods at betting sites

Many betting sites today offer multiple different payment options for your convenience. Whether you are a fan of paying by card or prefer using PayPal, there are betting sites for you. Here at Casino 100 you can choose to scroll through the top betting sites in India based on your preferred payment method.

Sports betting

Although you can place bets on multiple types of things, sports betting is without doubt the most popular type of betting. Sports betting has been a staple part of online gambling and gaming from the start, and long before then it was a popular way to get involved in team sports and sports events by placing bets. Some people enjoy placing bets together with their friends either on the same team or on the opposing team, depending on what team they are fans of.

Betting on horse racing

Horse race betting has been popular in India for decades. It is the most popular form of betting and many horse racing fans love to place bets on their favourite competing horses. Horse racing has been present in India for over 200 years. Whilst horse racing is fun to watch live from the side of the tracks, not everyone live close to a horse racing facility. That is when horse betting online is a good alternative. It is also perfect for busy indian betters who do not have time to physically be at the race to place a bet.

Betting on cricket

Betting on cricket is also very popular amongst indian betters. Cricket is a enormously popular sport in India. Cricket is a team sport that was invented in England in the sixteenth century. It has been a beloved sport in India both to play, watch and place bets on for a very long time. If you wish to place a bet on your favourite team, online betting sites are a perfect place to do so. You can easily place your bet from the comfort of your home, or on the go.