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Best Online Casinos in India 2022

Are you looking for the best casino online in India? Here at Casino100 you will find the most popular casinos in a toplist, see current bonuses and more!

Top online casinos in India 2022

Online casinos have quickly gained popularity in India. With the help of our website you can find the best online casino for you. We frequently compare and review online casinos so you can find the top online casino in India more easily. We wish to make playing at online casinos as fun and easy as possible for Indian players. In other words, less fuss and more playing! Our website is aimed at previous players and new players alike. Casino 100 wish for you to have a pleasant online casino experience as a casino player from India and with our ranking of the top online casinos in 2022 you will find your new favourite casino more easily.

Best online casinos 2022

At Casino 100 we have made it our mission to help casino players find the best online casinos as well as the most generous offers and bonuses. We keep close attention to all the casinos on our site so that our ranking and reviews are always up to date and relevant. We look at everything from how easy the online casinos are to understand and what kind of offers or bonuses they offer to how easy it is to transfer money to and from your online casino account. By looking at every aspect of online casinos, we can give you a thorough and detailed overlook over the best online casinos in India.

Are casinos legal in India?

Online casinos and gambling have quickly gained popularity in India and the laws surrounding casinos have yet to catch up with the players. The laws are quite old and restrictive. The law generally state that only casino games that are based on skill rather than chance are legal. There are currently only three places in India where physical casinos are legal: Goa, Sikkim and Daman. The laws related to gambling and casinos are set individually by every Indian state. Although physical casinos are only legal in three Indian states, it is legal and possible to use online casinos from every state in India. To be on the safe side it is often preferred if you play using rupees rather than any international currency.

Popular casino games in India

There are nearly an endless amount of different kinds of casino games. Many online casinos offer thousands of different games. By trying out our listed online casinos you can find your new favourite game. Some of the most popular online casino games in India are slots, roulette games, bingo, blackjack and baccarat. We review and compare all sorts of casinos, offering popular casino games as well as lesser known or unique ones. With the help of Casino 100 finding a great casino is a much easier and less time consuming process. Casino 100 can help you find your preferred casino game and new favourite online casino in a matter of minutes.

Casino games in your phone

Many of the most popular online casinos today also offer apps or mobile friendly websites. That means you can play your favourite casino games on the go, no matter where you are or what you are doing. With our rapidly paced society where everyone is constantly on the go, being able to gamble wherever you are means more chances of winning money and less boredom. When using a mobile version of an online casino it is of course important that the casino games are optimised for playing using a touchscreen. Some older online casinos do not offer apps or mobile user friendly games yet. By reading our comparisons of the top online casinos you will be able to get an overview of what casinos that are currently mobile friendly and which ones who are not. Playing casino games on a phone is not for everyone while some prefer it over visiting and using online casinos on a computer. It is ultimately a matter of preference. However, wanting the game to work perfectly no matter if you use your computer or phone is not. That is why Casino 100 take comparing and reviewing the top online casinos in India very seriously.

Compare online casinos

Comparing online casinos can be a hard and time consuming process. Thanks to Casino 100, you will not have to do it on your own. The Casino 100 team is highly knowledgeable and fully invested in comparing online casinos, meaning they will gladly do the job for you. By using our website you can find the right online casino for you in a few simple steps. In our comparisons of online casinos we look at several aspects. We look at both the number of games the casinos offer and their offers and welcome bonuses as well as how big the prizes are, amongst many other things. With our comparisons between the top online casinos in India the process of finding the right online casino and online casino games for you will be a much easier and quicker process.

Online casino reviews

Here at Casino 100 we not only compare casinos, we also review them. Our reviews are a hundred percent objective and we want them to be as thorough as possible so you get the full picture of a casino. We look at everything from the number of casino games offered to welcome bonuses, offers and the payout time. With the help of our reviews of the top online casinos amongst indian players we hope to make your online casino experience easier and more efficient. By having all information needed about the top online casinos in India gathered on one website you will save both time and energy. that means you can get to the fun part much faster.

Finding the best online casino offers

Many online casinos offers generous welcome offers or bonuses for new, or returning, players. It can be hard to find the best offers and bonuses on your own which is why we are committed to doing the job for you here at Casino 100. Welcome offers commonly means that you get to do the first few spins or games for free. When it comes to bonuses they can vary a lot, everything from 1000 rupees to 200 000 rupees is common. It is usually preferred if the welcome bonuses are offered in rupees rather than dollars or any other international currency as it means that the casino is catering towards Indian players.

Online casino welcome bonuses

Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses. The exact amount of the bonus may vary quite a lot but the concept is the same. As previously mentioned, a welcoming bonus can be anything from 10 000 rupees to 300 000 rupees. Once you have transferred a deposit to the online casino and you are ready to start playing, you will receive your bonus. Your bonus will be added to your total which means more money to gamble with. Casino 100 compare different online casinos and their offered welcome bonuses in order to help you find the most generous one.

Money withdrawals from online casinos

If you are lucky and win you have two choices. You can either use your money to try your luck again at any of the casino games, or you can choose to withdraw the money from your casino account so you can use them for whatever you wish. As an Indian player using international online casinos, it is of course important that money withdrawals are safe and convenient. We only feature fully legitimate and safe online casinos here at Casino 100 so you can rest assured knowing using them is safe. How long it takes for your money to be transferred into your account may also vary, which is why we take that into account when comparing and reviewing online casinos.

Payment methods for online casinos

Furthermore, we look at what payment methods the online casinos offer. We also look at whether they offer payment in rupees or not. When using online casinos, the payment is of course very important. Whether you wish to pay using your VISA card, your PayPal account or even bitcoin, there are online casinos for you. It is incredibly boring to be forced to wait around for your money to be transferred and ready to use to play casino games with, which is why we not only look at what payment methods the different casinos offer but also at how long it takes to transfer money. Casino 100 also checks if there are any fees when transferring money and if so, what they are.

Are online casinos safe?

Here at Casino 100 we take comparing and reviewing online casinos very seriously. We want you to have a fun and pleasant experience of online casinos and that is why we value safety and seriousness very highly. All the casinos listed and featured on Casino 100 are legitimate and safe to use. We make sure that the casinos we compare are all licensed and regulated so you can rest assured knowing your casino experience will be safe and secure. We carefully read through the terms and conditions as well as the fine print of all the online casinos we review and give you an overview and summary of what they say. It is of course important to understand as well as note that when playing casino games using real money, there is always a risk of losing money.

Learning more about online casinos

We want our website to offer you more than just reviews and comparisons of online casinos. Casino 100 aims to give you a better overall online casino experience. That is why we regularly post articles about casinos and playing casino games as well as offer guides on how to compare different online casinos on your own. Casino 100 want to provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect online casino for you, whilst also giving you information about popular casino games and any casino related lingo or terms that may be good to know.