Casinos in Goa

Casinos in Goa

Goa is one of the three states in India where gambling is legal, it's arguably the most popular option for legal gambling in India. The Casinos are most often found on stationary boats that lie anchored in the Mandovi River and in some of the hotels in the cities.

The offshore Casinos of Goa

The offshore casinos are mainly run by the Deltin Group and the Pride Group. The casinos ran by these big corporations differ alot, while Deltin's casinos focus on modern luxurious casinos with high entry fees they target the niche segment of rich and famous people of India while Pride offers a casino experience at lower entry fees and cater the bigger mass of the Indian people. These offshore casinos offers alot of entertainment and is a great place for tourists to visit.

The onshore Casinos of Goa

The onshore casinos are more limited in what they can offer their visitors due to regulations. While the offshore casinos can offer the full casino experience with live tables & tournaments, only electronic games can be offered on land. This is a big drawback for many, thats why it's usually only crowded by local gamblers and not by tourists.

Top 3 Casinos in Goa

We've scouted to see which the most popular options for casinos in Goa is, and have turned it into a toplist, just like the online casinos you can find on our website.

#1 Big Daddy Casino

by Golden Globe Hotels
Big Daddy Casino Goa

Being one of Goa's newest offshore casinos (launched May 2019), it offers the newest and most luxurious interior and great entertainment. It's main purpose was to give some competition the the famous and renowned Deltin Royale. The Casino itself describes it as the "biggest and most modern offshore gaming destination in Asia". It offers gambling equipment equal to the best casinos in Las Vegas and Macau. It offers 50,000 sqf of pure joy including 110 tables, 900 spots for games and machines. One of the floors is purely for high rollers, including a VIP room with available no-limit tables.


#2 Deltin Royale

by Deltin Group
Deltin Royale Casino Goa

The well known and fabulous Casino Deltin Royale, is probably the most famous offshore Casino in India. It boasts 40,000 square feet of pure gaming joy in the most luxurious wrap you could imagine. Here you will find 123 tables for gambling, a dedicated poker room aswell as an exclusive room dedicated to Indian Flush (Teen Patti). The Whiskey lovers will also find an exclusive lounge with an extraordinary selection of single malts from all over the world. The entertainment offered on the Delin Royale is in a class of its own featuring wold famous dancers, comedians and live bands.


#3 Casino Pride

by Pride Group
Casino Pride Goa

The hugely popular Casino Pride offers most games you will find on more exclusive casinos such as the Deltin Royale, but at a cheaper rate. The main market for the Casino Pride is the Indian high-rollers that come to play Teen Patti (Indian Flush). Casino Pride is also well known in India due to the big poker tournaments hosted here. The entertainement offered at Casino Pride is mainly Bollywood-style live acts. All of this is spread out on over 30,000 square feet gambling halls aswell as a majestic 10,000 sqf weather deck. In total you'll find about 40 gambling tables and alot of slot machines.


Alternatives to Goa Casinos

Most Indians dont have the time and/or money to travel to Goa in order to play casino games. Due to this and the technology many Indians choose to visit online casinos instead. It wont give you the same luxurious experience as the offshore casinos of Goa, but it will be easier on your wallet since it wont include any travelling costs or entry fees. So no matter if you wish to play with live dealers or just do some spins on slot machines you can do that easily online on your pc or mobile phone.