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The Best Betting Websites in the UK 2022

If you want to place a bet on some sport or anything else, you can find the top rated betting sites in the UK here!

World sports betting and what it's all about

Sports betting involves placing wagers on outcomes of certain events. There are football and tennis matches, fights, horseracing, handball and racing - the options are so numerous if there is a sport you heard of, the chances are, you can bet on a certain outcome. Betting on sports online is a booming industry, with punters choosing to stay in the comfort of their homes instead of going anywhere to place their bets. With betting made so handy and convenient, it’s no wonder the number of bookmakers offering their services is intimidating - so choosing might be tougher than you think.

Ways to end up betting online with a truly remarkable bookmaker

As it was mentioned above, sportsbooks are numerous, which makes the choice painful. But that only means you as a punter have more options to choose between, and ultimately that's a good thing. After all, every person has their own ideas about what a bookmaker's website looks like, what the bet slip should look like and where it should be located. So quite a bit of research is needed to find just the right kind of place. Betting on sports means you will be offered well over a hundred different kinds of sports, dozens of events happening right now, which brings the total choice of betting markets to quite impressive numbers. That calls for a good sportsbook with a lot of thought put into design and features offered.

How to find one like that? Essentially, there are two types of punters - those that care about the bookmaker they are placing a bet with and those that just take the first pick after using their default search engine. However, the recent trend is for people to think more and weigh all the options, as well as to compare the odds offered, choosing places with more lucrative odds and better promo offers rather than going for mediocre ones. If you are in favor of this trend, then to locate a sportsbook you will be happy with, you need to do quite a bit of research - or find a source of information that will give you a better idea of which list of sportsbooks you could be choosing from.

Casino100: casinos and betting

Casino100 was designed to cater to the needs of players and punters from different regions of the world, UK included. Instead of reading generic reviews and seeing generic ratings, you see just the websites for sports betting that would make you, a customer from UK, happy with what they have to offer. This kind of region-specific experience allows us to take care of your needs better, offering you the finest betting hotspots you would be wrong to ignore, known for the incredible odds they offer and choice of markets for the events available.

We are in this business to make things clear and to help you learn the information you need to make the right decision. We see it as our mission to deliver the latest information about the bookmakers reviewed, allowing you to make the kind of decision you won't ever regret. This is why our team of experts works hard every day, exploring new sportsbooks and digging deeper - so that you don't have to learn from your own experience, which might not always be most enjoyable. We offer you a list of best betting websites based on our personal experience and research, both of which are essential components to discovering the best websites there are. Here is how it works.

Phase 1: collecting data

The first phase is an important one, as it involves collecting a lot of information about a given sportsbook that will be of interest if you are looking for some basics to do some initial filtering out. At this point it becomes clear what exactly we are looking at, so we drop it altogether in case of suspecting mediocrity or anything shady, or keep going if the sportsbook checks all the basic quality and security boxes. We aim to provide you with only the finest betting hotspots on the internet, which means there is no reason to subject you to dozens of websites that aren't worth a minute of your time. As for the aspects included into our original checklist, here are a few ones we look at:

  • - events they cover (including sports, virtual games etc)
  • - variety and reliability of payment options
  • - rewards, bonuses and bonus terms
  • - deposit/withdrawals limits and fees
  • - availability of helpful betting tips
  • - availability of live streaming
  • - lines and odds
  • - sports offered

Phase 2: personal experience

The second step is crucial and actually has a lot of value to it, as not only do we rely on the information posted, we actually try that sportsbook for ourselves. Research is a limited way to learn about anything, and personal experience all by itself comes with little value, so we do both.

Our personal experience involves signing up with the given sportsbook, depositing money and wagering for quite an extended period. This is why you won't find dozens of new review weekly - we take this process seriously and believe that our value lies in quality, with all the factors that usually cause the most concern in punters paid attention to during our testing. We check for the following, among other things:

  • - how easy it is to deposit and how quickly your withdrawals will be processed.
  • - whether or not you are asked for identity verification and how this happens.
  • - how fast those deposits and withdrawals really are against what's advertised.
  • - how good the odds are compared to other sportsbooks, especially those on live events.
  • - how handy the mobile version is, if there is one.

As you can tell, that takes quite some doing, but in the end we can tell with confidence a certain sportsbook is a worthy one, recommending it to you with our conscience crystal clear.

Phase 3: review and rating

Our third phase is the final one in the process we have developed, but our work does not stop there. Once the review is written (based on the facts gathered and personal experience, with everything analyzed and delivered to the reader is a handy manner), you can get all the basics in a few seconds or go in for the longer read, which is an option many of our users take full advantage of. Once you choose the poker room that fits you best and start playing, bear in mind there might be other ones worth your visit - keep tuned to find out which ones offer exciting promotional opportunities and special bonuses.

Most popular sports for betting

These days international punters are spoilt for choice - you can bet on just about anything, while the range of markets available for a single event will simply blow your mind. However, as you probably know for yourself, UK punters are a special kind of public that in most cases have a very distinct preference for just a handful of sports. Therefore, when looking for a sportsbook, you are probably going to be interested in one or all of those, their availability, best odds and special offers. So which sports are we most interested in when locating the finest sportsbooks for our UK visitors?

  • ⚈ Football is hands down every UK punter's absolute favorite, with no one even daring to doubt it for a second. The EPL is sure to have millions tuning into all the matches, both over the internet and on TV. Football is the most popular sport to bet on just about anywhere in the world, and even more so - in the UK.
  • ⚈ Tennis confidently makes it to the top three most favorite UK sports to bet on. Especially popular is the live betting option, allowing you to wager while following the match on TV or online. UK punters tend to prefer Wimbledon, for apparent reasons, expecting numerous markets to be available.
  • ⚈ With football and tennis confidently dominating the UK betting market, there is still some room for horse racing. This royal sport remains traditionally popular, even though much less so compared to the more widely marketed football and tennis. Horse racing events are still numerous and the calendar very busy - so if you were considering joining in the ranks of those that gamble on horses relying on their gut feeling or solid intel, it's never too late.
  • ⚈ Apart from those three, there isn't really a specific sport that could be called a clear 4th, 5th etc favorite, but we will share with you the sports that could be confidently included into the top-10 - boxing, UFC, rugby, cricket, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. The reason why some of those events make it to the top is that often, to appeal to UK punters, sportsbooks will offer particularly lucrative odds - and who can say no to good odds?

Mobile betting

While most casinos are flash based, which means you come and play from your browser no matter the device you are accessing the website from, for sportsbooks it makes sense to use an app, especially if you prefer wagering on the go. If you prefer using apps for betting, it won't be easy to start doing it through the website alone, which is why there is no reason to make yourself do it, as were are plenty of sportsbooks that offer handy and well-designed betting apps running smoothly and letting you bet on the go.

These days you can find the betting apps of specific sportsbooks on their official websites, as well as download them from Google Play Store and App Store. Getting the mobile version of your preferred sportsbook means you can literally carry all the variety of options offered with you wherever you go, being able to place a bet in seconds no matter if it's football, tennis or horse racing.