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Best Online Casinos in the UK 2022

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How to find an online casino you'd want to come back to

Online casinos are the modern craze, with thousands of players, both male and female, engaging in games that no one could imagine would be possible, thinking decades ago. Ever since the emergence of online casinos this particular form of gambling has only grown in popularity, and the more players find it interesting to spend an hour or so spinning the virtual reels of the latest slot, the more online casinos there are. Gone are the times when in order to play the games you had to visit a local parlor with a couple of slots that have seen better times. Even if you were lucky enough to visit some of the world's gambling hotspots, that would probably mean one trip a year or a month at best.

Online casinos offer a lot more freedom to every player, as you are literally a minute away from your favorite casino games at any point of the day, which pretty much means you can play from anywhere, any time. Just to give you a better idea, here are the things you need to consider before joining an online casino:

  • - whether the casino accepts players from UK.
  • - choice of games offered by the casino.
  • - availability of bonuses and promotional offers that you will enjoy as a player (for instance, if you like live dealer games, make sure there is a promotion aimed at this category of players, rather than just a slot race).
  • - availability of your preferred deposit methods.
  • - minimums you can deposit or withdraw.
  • - whether you need to pay commission when making payments.
  • - whether you can play at the casino from your mobile and what kind of experience that is.

Given the great variety of online casinos, it's safe to assume the choice is tough, so finding the one that will check all the boxes is quite challenging. There are things that matter and therefore need to be taken into account, as well as your personal preferences as a player. Some need specific slots to be present and available, others want a great choice of progressive jackpots, which may not be the case at every casino you visit, while others are interested in a specific payment method. All those factors in combination make every casino you see great, acceptable or not suitable at all, and it all comes down to figuring out all the great ones without stumbling upon the ones you should really stay away from.

How to make sure the casino you play at is the best option

Playing online these days is quite safe, as almost every casino has a proper license issued by the respective gambling authority and offers secure ways to deposit, withdraw funds and play the games offered. You can also be sure there is no tampering with the outcomes of the games you play, as those are the aspects monitored very strictly by relevant regulatory bodies, so any casino that happens to do something shady is out of the gambling scene for good. Of course this last bit applies to casinos with a proper license - so this is a very important thing to check. However, there are things beyond license that affect your choice of online casino, and here at Casino100 we intend to make you aware of all those aspects, making sure your choice is an informed one.

How Casino100 may be helpful for you

Casino100 is a website that helps players across the world find best casinos that suit their expectations. Our expertise is based on research, and we specialize in the three most common gambling establishments out there - casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms. We provide recommendations based on hours of research that include gathering factual information about the casino being reviewed, as well as personal experience.

If you think playing games online is somewhat different from real-world gambling experience, you are certainly right. Sure, you will know what to do and how come you just won. But there are quite a few things that will be drastically different. This is something you need to be aware of to avoid disappointment and make sure you fully enjoy your casino experience. We are aware of all the aspects to take into account, and after thorough research get down to actually trying all the things advertised for ourselves, from registration to loyalty program and tournaments. That way, you know all you want to know before making a decision - and that should come in really handy. Let's talk about some of the factors that commonly cause a lot of troubles.

Security and fairness at online casinos

Many players are quite apprehensive about playing online because they tend to believe it might not be safe for them to deposit or they might never see the money requested for withdrawal in their bank account. There is also the issue of how random the outcomes are when it comes to slots - to many it seems like a big honest win is never possible due to tampering and dishonest practices.

The truth is, cheating is impossible for an online casino interested in staying there for longer than 5 minutes, because regulatory bodies and independent monitoring organizations, as well as providers of software used by casinos are watching for that like hawks. Every casino is licensed by some authority and is checked on a regular basis, with logs and any other records audited to make sure the built-in random generator does its work. The involvement of the famous random number generator (virtual in this case) guarantees every outcome is totally random, and even though that means you cannot really better your odds by using some sophisticated strategy, it also means you have a real chance f winning big at some point, if you get extra lucky that is.

Welcome offers

Welcome bonuses are offered by most if not all online casinos that can be found online. This is a really handy way to welcome the customer and offer them an extra chunk of cash to play with. To the customer, this is also a win-win kind of situation, as you get some money on top just like that, although in most cases that extra cash does need to be wagered before you can request a withdrawal.

To qualify for a welcome bonus, you typically need to make your very first deposit, and those welcome bonuses are available only to new customers. Some casinos offer free spins or even cash without requiring an initial deposit - but somewhere down the line you will still need to do some wagering in most cases, as otherwise people would just be coming to win real money and leaving after using up their welcome bonus, without making any real deposit of their own.

Reward system and VIP clubs

Online casinos are certainly interested in keeping you around for as long as you want to play. You won't feel the urge to leave if the casino is good, you might be thinking now, but just consider the great number of good online casinos out there and all the welcome offers they bring forth - there is a lot to be seduced by. This is why most casinos will make a certain effort to keep their players interested in sticking with them - to that end you will be offered participation in their loyalty programs (quite often these are referred to as VIP programs) and regular rewards.

You will be rewarded with an online bonus for making a deposit, playing certain slots or any of the slots available, and even playing live dealer games. It's worth mentioning that even though many casinos will accept cryptocurrencies, players using those for playing will be somewhat limited in their choice of rewards and promotions. Some players using cryptocurrencies might not be able to take advantage of deposit-related bonuses, while at other casinos you might not be able to take part in some tournaments. On the bright side, at most casinos you can switch between cryptocurrency of your choosing and UK pound, for instance, with the latter allowing you to enjoy all the promo offers to the fullest.

Why use our help at all?

Choosing which casino to play at might be a daunting task for one very simple reason - there are a lot of them to choose from. You could surely be doing the research all by yourself, as you know best what your expectations are and which casino feels just right. In our opinion, if you have the time and the resources to do that - you should, because nothing will replace first-hand experience, especially when you know where to look and what to look for.

Things are a bit easier for us, as we have the research done by experienced industry professionals that work on the reviews full time and understand all the intricacies of online gambling. Apart from the rating, which lists all the best sites we discovered, you can view a thorough review written from scratch and listing all the facts, as well as offering an insight into personal experience, to give you the full picture.

Want to get a better feel of a certain casino from our rating that feels just right? You can find out all there is to know it under five minutes, saving yourself hours of work. Hopefully, you will find our reviews useful and enjoy the best casinos for UK players soon. Play for fun or for real money - and be sure to check back for the most recently discovered casinos that might be nice to try as well.