Is Gambling legal in the UK?

Is Gambling legal in the UK?

Gambling, in particular online gambling, has gained popularity in the past decade in the UK and it is a trend that is showing no signs of stopping. Because of internet’s quick development and gain in popularity, the british government felt it was necessary to update the regulations to also include gambling taking place online. The new laws were introduced and put into action in 2005 to include online gambling. One of the main goals of the new law was to ensure that gambling is not used for criminal activities or to promote such activities. It also aims to ensure that gambling is done openly and fairly.

In the online gambling world, casinos based in other countries are open for british players. To protect british players from irresponsible or scam casinos it is now required that all casinos that are available to british players apply for and are granted a british license from the gambling commission. The license ensure that the casino is safe and secure to use, and that it follows current UK law and requirements.

Gambling in the UK throughout history

Gambling has been a popular activity in the UK for several centuries. Early on, horse racing was the most common form of gambling but today there are various different kinds of gambling out there for those interested. Gambling was heavily regulated for the first few centuries but the laws have been notably relaxed in recent decades. Today, it is legal for online gambling sites and casinos to advertise on television, for example, and it is legal for british players to gamble online as long as it is done on licensed gambling sites and casinos.

So the answer is simply, yes. Gambling is legal in the UK, given that you are 18 or older and follow the current guidelines and laws. If you wish to try out online gambling, Casino100 continuously compare and review the top gambling sites in the UK to help UK players find the perfect sites for them.